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What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Software Development Partner?

A unique idea that will be in demand from the consumer is only half of the work, the other half is the correct implementation of the idea into reality. Finding a professional company that will develop software or an application in a high-quality and timely manner is quite a difficult task.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies on the market that offer these services. However, not everyone is able to perform their work efficiently and translate a brilliant idea into a ready-made application or software. In order to cooperate with a professional company, you should pay attention to certain aspects that will show their expertise, professionalism, management skills, and other important qualities.

1) Pay Attention to the Previous Projects that Were Carried Out By this Company

You can personally conduct an investigation and find all the projects in which the company was involved. Evaluate the quality of their work, view user reviews and previous customers.

However, all this can be done a little easier. In the global network, there are certain sites that will be useful sources of information (For example, Clutch). If considering the company, it is listed on these projects, then this indicates that it has a number of verified reviews that were left by former customers of the company, which indicates its commitment and honesty.

You can directly contact the company and ask them to provide up-to-date links to their work. Professional and honest companies are sure to respond to this request and provide their projects for review.

2) Compare Current Price Offers

Do not skimp on the services of the developer company, as the savings at the development stage can eventually lead to additional costs. After the development of the offer, certain errors may appear, which will require additional funds and time to eliminate.

It is necessary to look for optimal offers in terms of the price-quality ratio. With software development services, the initial relatively high price per hour for expert developers converts into quicker and more professional implementation. Such solutions are more stable, invulnerable, and meet the expectations of the client. The cheapest offers usually bring a lot of disappointment, wasted time, nerves, and budget, and lead to reassigning the task to professionals.

3) Consider the Possibility of Further Cooperation (Service and Support)

This function is necessary for especially large projects, as the developers know all the nuances of creating and working on the current project, and, therefore, will be able to efficiently and quickly eliminate the problems that have appeared.

4) Clarify and Evaluate the Qualifications of the Personnel Working in this Company

The final quality of the completed project depends on the person who will perform the development of the application or software. When contacting the company, you can request “blind resumes” that will contain information about work experience and completed projects.

5) Consider Offshoring and Non-Offshoring

Most large companies are located directly in Europe and the United States, where employers pay their employee’s high salaries. At the same time, the price of the project will be quite high. The current trend is nearshoring.

Nearshoring-Moving IT operations to a software development company based in a neighboring country (usually the country you border on). At the same time, the cost of developing and maintaining the project is significantly reduced, and the work itself does not lose its final quality, since it is controlled directly by the company itself.

Offshoring is also a great option to reduce the cost of software and application development (when a company based in another country is hired to do the work). However, there may be some difficulties. The difference in time zones can significantly affect the speed of troubleshooting certain problems, and can also make it difficult to communicate with responsible employees.

6) Providing Guarantees and a Trial Period of the Project

An important aspect, during which the quality of the finished product is directly checked and various problems are identified. Even if the project is made up of experienced and highly qualified employees, there is always a risk that the application will have various kinds of bugs and errors that need to be eliminated accordingly.

The trial period will allow you to identify most of the existing errors, and the guarantees provided by the companies will ensure their complete elimination. This will allow you to save a certain amount of money at the stage of putting the application into operation.

7) Security Measures that Exist in the Company

Project security is one of the key requirements, both at the development stage and during its launch (testing). If the company does not pay due attention to its security, then its data and customer data can be stolen. Therefore, a unique idea can be stolen and implemented by others, and this will create major problems when entering the market and gaining a customer base.

8) Make a List of the Best Manufacturers that Meet your Criteria

The best performers should be compared according to the key criteria and understand which of them will really cope with the task while performing it as efficiently as possible and at a more attractive price.

9) Drawing up a Competent Task and Understanding the Final, Desired Result

Even experienced and highly qualified programmers are not able to get into the customer’s head and read his thoughts. Understanding what the project should ultimately look like is extremely necessary because constant changes will require additional financial and time costs. With certain questions and aspects of the work, you can turn to specialists who will tell you how to correctly solve a particular problem, but the key result depends on 2 factors, namely:

– The customer’s understanding of how the project should look at the final stage,

– A well-chosen team that will translate the customer’s idea into reality.


The ideal project that will be popular among a large number of people consists not only of a unique and ingenious idea. A significant role in the success is played by the development team, which will directly implement the idea into the finished project. The right choice of such a company is quite difficult, but paying attention to certain aspects, you can choose the ideal team that will develop an application or software that satisfies the customer, as well as the end-user, in the required time.

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