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Computerized Valet Parking Systems: How Do They Work?

Wherever you look today, the effects of technology are visible. Whether you’re looking into businesses, education, and healthcare, there’ll always be a tool or process which is only made possible by technology. Because of these innovations, it’s now easier and faster for professionals to provide different kinds of services to more customers with the same level of quality. And when it comes to valet parking, things have changed too. There are now computerized valet parking systems which allow business owners, especially those who are running hotels, casinos and hospitals, to provide superb valet parking services to all of their customers. Adding hotel valet parking, or implementing valet to any hospitality-related business, will increase safety, reduces the time a customer spends waiting for their car with online access, and brings customer satisfaction up altogether.

In its simplest sense, computerized valet parking systems are just like your conventional parking valet service – an attendant who works for a business establishment will park and retrieve your vehicle. But unlike the valet parking services that everyone knows, computerized valet parking systems are automated and provides more services for customers. If you want to paint a clearer picture of how a computerized valet parking system works, consider the points below:

  1. Online reservation system: Receiving a lot of customers every day is good news for your business. However, when these customers have their own vehicles, finding a parking spot might also become their problem every single day. Over time, this can become the reason why customers will look for other businesses which offer better parking options. Don’t wait for this to happen. Use a computerized valet parking system so you can provide an online reservation system for your customers. This means that your customers will have a parking space reserved for them the moment they arrive!

    • An online reservation system is very easy to use and since this can be used in kiosks, dial-up modules and SMS messaging, this is also very convenient for every customer.
    • Once customers access the online reservation system, they will be welcomed with a customized screen where businesses can use as their advertising medium. The business’ logo or name will be displayed to the customers during this time. Additionally, because there are now companies which provide custom valet solutions, businesses can also add options to cancel or make reservations or to request a vehicle during this early stage.
    • After the customer chooses a transaction, they have to input their personal and vehicle information. A pass which has a barcode will automatically be printed after this process.
    • This pass should be given to the attendant the moment a customer arrives in the business establishment. The attendant will only need to scan the pass, and all of the customer’s information will be available in the system.
    • Because the customer already made an online reservation, they can experience convenience and confidence with their transaction. On the other hand, the attendant doesn’t have to exert too much time and effort to determine what the customer wants. It’s basically a win-win for everyone!
    • This kind of technology is useful for businesses which involves high-volume parking such as the airport. Travelers can’t waste any minute looking for a parking space as they might be late for their flight.
  2. Protect your business with proper documentation: Being a victim of fraudulent claims is not only costly but stressful. If your business is accused with one, you’ll lose valuable time which should be spent on the operations and money which could have been spent on the upgrade of your facilities. You can steer away from this direction once you use customized valet parking systems. A customized valet parking system also allows you to document the existing condition of your valet vehicles through pictures.

    • These pictures will also include the date, time and ticket number of your valet vehicle, making it easier for you to document its existing condition. And because a picture paints a thousand words, these can be a strong evidence to prove a claim.
    • These pictures can also go a long way in instances when a customer makes fraudulent claims. You’ll be able to able to save a lot of money and stress if your business is free from any legal responsibilities.
  3. Valexa ticketless valet: Valexa (which is actually Amazon’s Alexa with an added capability) is the first cloud-based voice which is capable of having valet parking skills. Valexa can help customers with their valet parking needs just by asking questions in the room. Using this kind of technology in your business guarantees that you’ll be able to stay on top of your competitors. Plus, Valexa can be connected to other departments in your business, allowing customers to reach them as easy and fast as possible.

You’ll Reap What You Sow

When you’re a business owner, technology can be your greatest ally. You can use different innovations as your edge so your business can thrive and grow in the long run. If you believe computerized valet systems can be a great investments to your business, go ahead and scout for companies which can offer this service. Learning on how to use a computerized valet parking system might demand time and effort, but all of these will be worth it in the end!

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