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AdPlexity Review – The Best Ad Spying Tool in the Market

Are you a startup or marketing pro? Do you know about how your competitors are making it? First, how do you know that? Finding your competitors ads online is the sure way. How do you find them? Using the best and the right advertisement spying tool will give you a vivid picture of what your competitors are doing. They will show you the promo material that other affiliate marketers are using by analyzing what they do and how they do it. This helps you to create the best strategies and therefore earn well. But don’t just go for any tool. Why? You can buy a fake one. It will not perform as excellent as adplexity.

AdPlexity – The Best Ad Spying Tool in the Market

Adplexity is an intelligence tool for mobile, native as well as adult ads. It is an Ad Spying tool. Adplexity is a competitive tool that is designed to give you details of what others are doing. The tool is described as the most popular ad spy tool across the world. Have you ever tried it? The Adplexity spies on what others are doing. This way, you get the right inspiration; hence you can come up with excellent campaigns to attract customers.

Adplexity Price

Adplexity comes at an affordable price to its customers. Put in mind that each service – mobile, native, carrier and desktop comes at a specific price. You have two options to choose; monthly and annual plan.

Worrying about high prices?

Don’t worry we have hand-picked a website where you can buy Adplexity at lower prices. While doing my research on the ad spying tool, I found out that overall pricing for services is a little higher, So I went on google and checked if there is any discount available or not. I came across some wonderful deals on adplexity. They have exclusive coupons codes for each and every adplexity product, discount ranging from 30% to 15% on respective services.


  • Advertiser: allows finding where your competitors are running their ads. To do so, insert the name of the domain in the search by the advertiser field. You will be able to see everything including demographics
  • Publisher: this allows you to put ads on specific sites. It gives you information about the types of ads, sources of traffic and list of advertisers. You get all the details of the ads. You can also pick the most popular domain to find out what the competitors are offering.
  • Keywords: great for researching specific niches. The best way is to search by keywords. You can also figure out how to design your ads.
  • Top ads: this section brings you the best ads according to our filters. It is essential because it helps you check current industry trends so that you design the right ad.
  • Affiliate network: you get to see campaigns that are promoting offers from your affiliate network.

Adplexity Services

i. Mobile

The mobile service tracks competitor’s ads on all mobile traffic sources.


  • You can see campaigns that run in over 75 counties, i.e., every major country
  • Identify profitable campaigns that run on mobile popup traffic sources
  • Analysis of in-app ads that run on thousands of Android apps monitored
  • Downloading every landing page with page dependencies in a .zip from the user interface
  • Uncovering hidden campaigns that run exclusively on mobile carrier’s traffic
  • You will get the real-time insight on campaigns that run on mobile ad exchanges
  • You can find ads that promote affiliates offers from 100 affiliate networks on a single click
  • Search by keyword, affiliate network, advertiser and publisher

ii. Desktop

With this Desktop service, you can track our Competitor’s Profitable Ad Campaigns on sources on Desktop Traffic. These services come with similar characteristics to the mobile service.

iii. Native

These services allow you to keep track of the most profitable ad campaigns of your competitors on the native traffic sources.


  • Allows you to get access to profitable campaigns that running on seven most popular native ad traffic sources
  • You can analyze campaigns that running in over 32 countries,
  • You can download every landing page with its dependencies in a .zip direct from the user interface
  • You get access to campaigns that target devices such as Windows computers, iPhones, Android Phones & Tablets, etc.
  • Find ads from 100 affiliates. The ads promote offers.

iv. E-commerce

You can track and keep records of the most profitable e-commerce store and products of your competitor giving you insights on successful products.

You can access data on over 100000 e-commerce stores, helping you uncover the best-selling products. You also find the competitors revenue-boosting apps that are secretly kept


  • Searching by-products: you can type the category of the product, title, description or the price range. This gives you access to the product.
  • Search by stores: you can get access to the competitor’s most profitable products, store information-types of products, prices range, and new arrivals, etc.
  • Find popular apps: gives an opportunity to see the successful apps that other stores are using to boost their revenue.
  • Product strength: this will provide you with data based on real visitors or buyers. Is the product hot or dying out?
  • Product information: gives you the description of the products, when they were added and when it was last promoted among others.
  • Price changes: gives the chance to see all prices tested. This allows you to avoid costly mistakes
  • Similar products: it gives you the opportunity to see similar products that are successful from related categories.
  • Facebook ad copy: when you scroll through Facebook ad campaigns, you can see products connect. Assess stats, e.g., comments, likes, and shares.


With AdPlexity carriers, you use 3G/4G proxies. The proxies cover over 80 mobile carriers in more than 30 countries. Mobile advertisers affiliates, ad verification systems and as & affiliate networks can monitor as well as validate the online media activities using such mobile carriers worldwide.

Carriers allow you to see full conversion flows you are promoting, offers on quick links that increase your profit up to 50 percent, ability to see real money page by bypassing cloakers, dynamic callouts on your landing pages and you can freely register an account.

How does it differ from other proxy providers? It differs from other proxy providers because it uses a real SIM card, better pricing, has more extensive coverage, using the 4G high speed and it has excellent stability.

How Does AdPlexity Help Campaigners in a Better Way?

The main strength of adplexity is its services; which shows you the exact traffic and sales data on products. Besides, it shows you specific Facebook ads for products you want to see. This makes it a must tool for anyone intending to start an eCommerce, and intents to do so for a long time. With the tool, you get the much needed competitive edge.

What makes this stand out is its ability to use the data from real users. No information is scrapped. You get factual information about a product like how much sales and traffic a product received. This is a competitive advantage.

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