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Why are some AC/DC adapters light while others are heavy?

AC/DC adapters come in different variants of shapes, sizes, and weights. People usually consider the weight of an AC/DC adapter as a measure of its quality. The weight of a charger is the weight of the components it is made up of. The heavier the components are, the more durability it offers. The weight of the transform included in adapters contributed more than half of the overall weight. When it comes to a heavy adapter, it usually includes a large power supply containing a transformer of around 50-60Hz, which is responsible for isolating the main components and Direct Current output. The transformer is equipped with a laminated steel core with a considerably heavy weight; it needs to be relatively heavy weight to provide constant support to the voltage flows in lines. Whereas there are some AC/DC adapters with comparatively less weight and are lighter. The lightweight AC/DC adapters are subjected to utilize electronics that transforms the line frequency to a relatively higher frequency (20-100KHz). Due to this high-level frequency, the isolation occurrence is possible without adding much weight and can be obtained with a smaller transformer that is usually coated with a powdered ferrite core.

So, Which AD/DC Adapter Should I Choose, Heavy or Light??

Your selection of an AC/DC adapter should be highly based on your requirement and the device you need to operate with it.  The weight of the adapter is the secondary consideration as the weight varies according to the placement of the transformer and mechanism it is intended to follow.  A different arrangement of transforms either with heavyweight lamination or not varies according to the type and model of the transformer.

It’s a Good Move to Vary Your Choice

In most of the regions, people prefer using a heavy weight AC/DC adapters as they consider those durable.  It is evident that the weight of the transform is the key contributor to the burden of the overall adapter. For most of the audio devices such as speakers, tape records, amplifiers, etc. The selection of heavy adapters is a good move. These devices are usually subject to long duration usage and must need a heavy lamination over the transformer to avoid malfunctioning caused by overheating. Lightweight AC/DC adapters have a low audio frequency transforms that compromises the performance of the audio equipment.  The weight of the transform also plays as a price variable, the lightweight adapters are cheaper and have lesser ratings as compared to heavy adapters. When choosing adapters for most of the audio visual devices go for a heavyweight adapter to assure safe and durable long term working.


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