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Top 8 software testing issues

Testing is a vital part of the software application. Testing is important because software bugs could be expensive or even dangerous. Software bugs can potentially cause monetary and human loss, history is full of such examples. Also success of any software depends on how well it is tested. It should be up to user’s expectation and should perform accordingly. However, there are many issues which are faced by a software tester during the testing process. If you want to make career in this field, you need to understand the field of software testing and issues related with it. In other words, to be proficient in this domain, you need to join Software Testing Program.

Given below are some of the issues and problems of the software testing-

  • Testing inclusive of all test combination is unrealistic

There exits many different test combination for any application which results in different combinations. Testing all of them is an impossible goal. Instead of testing all the combinations, testers should prioritize the app features which need attention by clearly defining their target users and business goals.

  • Inappropriate bug logging process

Basic rule in bug reporting is bug should properly describe. If the bug is not properly reported means missing of few required fields like Incorrect Defect Title, Error from log file, Missing Expected Result, or Steps to reproduce etc. which increase the defect life cycle process.

  • Lack of Control on Test Environment

Sometimes testers don’t have control on test environment & they are not aware of what all is deployed in the current deployed build & what not. Also development team make informal changes in the test environment which fixes or added new issues in the test environment which testers not aware of. It affects quality level of software application.

  • Lack of Knowledge regarding Severity and Priority

Usually testing and development teams are not well educated on severity and priority of the defect which affects the bug tracking in defect life cycle. The defect severity & priority vary from defect to defect and also fixing time of the defect is not same all the time.

  • Different bug Tracking Template Leads to Inconsistency

Sometimes, all the members of the team use different bug tracking template to report issues which leads to discrepancy at a later stages. To avoid this issue, all the members should use standard bug tracking template which also helps in the report generation.

  • Lack of Proper Testing Tools

Many times skilled testers are not provided with proper testing tools which affects their quality of work. The right tools can make it easier for QA teams to execute the project efficiently and also to deliver results faster.

  • Absence of SPOC

Sometimes, absence of SPOC (Single Point of Contact) to talk about defects to the stakeholders leads to problems in delivering high quality result by testers.

  • Improper Communication

To ensure smooth process of testing and to fix the defects that are defected, it is necessary to clearly communicate any change in app feature or requirement to all member of QA Team in time. A good communication channel between various teams like development & QA will help sync the testing efforts with the quality goals set by the business.

  • Absence of Right Process

The company process for testing should be designed in such way that the process is efficient in capturing the bugs in time. The process should be clearly defined to avoid misunderstandings. Setting up a uniform process to get everyone on the same page becomes harder for teams that are located in different offices in different time zones.

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