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Keeping Up With Tech: Tips for Managing Your Online Business

As the owner of an online business, you are well aware of how important it is to stay on top of trends, both in your specific industry as well as in the field of technology. Technological advances can greatly enhance your ability to manage your business, but only if you understand them and apply them strategically. Because technology is evolving at a dizzying speed, solutions that once seemed out of reach for the small business owner are quickly becoming realistic options. Here are some of the top trends to keep your eye on.

Sign-On Convenience

Consumers today are constantly bombarded by an endless stream of information and enticements. In fact, a growing number of people are scaling back on their activity online, perhaps suffering from overload. One way to make your business stand out from the crowd is to improve the customer experience by making it as simple as possible to access your site. While you may not yet be familiar with single sign-on, or SSO for short, it is a concept worth looking into. Proponents of SSO point to greater satisfaction for your customers as well as increased security and decreased costs for your business.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Another way to make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with you is to make sure your products are literally in the palm of their hands. More and more consumers today conduct business via smartphone, so don’t be left behind. Make sure your website has a responsive design that is mobile-friendly while also adjusting optimally to laptops, desktops, and tablets. You might also want to step up your mobile marketing game by initiating or expanding on a strategic text messaging campaign. Finally, make sure you’re offering the most popular mobile payment options like Square, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and others.

Worry-Free Interactions

While your customers will hopefully never even be aware of it, your security policy is vitally important to your online business. We’ve all heard of security breaches that have been catastrophic for businesses and customers alike. You’ll want to do everything within your power to protect the information that flows in and out of your business by keeping up to date on the security measures that can protect your website. In a marketplace where consumers have lots of options, make sure your online business maintains a sterling reputation as trustworthy and safe.

Customer-Focused Management

Have you looked into a customer relationship management (CRM) system? This type of software creates a centralized database that includes all customer interactions, allowing for targeted marketing and service. With all the data in one place and the ability to automate many of the functions you’ve been doing manually, a CRM can make managing your business easier and more profitable. Just a few years ago, only the largest companies invested in a CRM, but advances in the field have made these programs accessible and effective for businesses of all sizes.

Social-Minded Relationships

Create goodwill by ensuring your business has an appealing social media persona. Find out where your target customers spend their time online, then make sure your business has a presence on those platforms. Your social media strategy shouldn’t be geared toward sales but rather toward creating a relationship with potential customers. You can do this by offering helpful or entertaining content that positions you as a trusted expert in your field. Just remember that your audience is inundated with information vying for their attention, so make sure your brand’s posts stand out in a positive way.

While technology offers ever-evolving solutions to many of the problems an online business owner faces, there is one aspect it can never replace. You, the visionary who crafted a dream into reality, are the heart and soul of your enterprise. While it’s important to keep up with the trends that can help you manage it, remember that only you can decide the best options for your own business.

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