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Digital Trends That Will Rise to Stardom By 2025

Digital trends are constantly changing. We have seen so many changes over the last 20 years its difficult to keep track or remember that there was once a life without things such as the internet. It was only 10 years ago since the very first smartphone began to rise into popularity. Today, they are an integral part of our lives with 4G connections and 5G on the horizon.

However, smartphone and 5G are not the digital trends we are going to cover in this guide. We are going to investigate how torrents will change thanks to a blockchain tech start-up called TRON, online gaming, and how virtual reality is going to be the next big game changer!

Virtual Reality – The Next Big Game Changer

Virtual reality is already making its way into businesses globally. Unless you are engrossed in these business sectors already, then you probably will not yet know about them.

And, one of the reasons VR is going to move forward faster than we originally anticipated is because the World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling for businesses to look for ways to operate on virtual or digital platforms. With the increased threat of disease being spread, it makes sense for some industries to start looking deeper into VR solutions.

Meanwhile, for VR development firms, now is the time to start developing new ideas because if another pandemic hits and the VR tech is on the shelves already, the profits to made are astronomical.

Let’s take a look at some industries already employing the use of VR:

In the real estate business and infrastructure development industries, virtual reality is becoming the norm. Either people looking to buy a new home or a large development firm looking to close a building contract can now go to the client they are pitching and give them a virtual tour.

Over in the travel industry there some firms that are already working giving the option to click past the pictures of the hotel and dive right into a virtual reality tour. Those lucky enough to own VR tech can already tour the rooms, dining areas, ground of the hotel/resort, and check out the views.

Conferences are also being set up using VR. This allows people to start a conference that could attract thousands of people from around the world. Now just to make a clearer picture, think ‘Webinars’ but instead of seeing the host on a webcam, you can see the speaker on stage.

Online Gaming – MOBA

Another area of technology that is about to change is online gaming. Not only is VR already starting to play a role in this industry, but the installation of high-speed fibre optics is also bringing this industry forward and then we have 4G and 5G that is spreading the popularity of mobile gaming.

MOBA – mobile online battle arena gaming is becoming increasingly advanced as internet speeds allow multiple players to connect to the same server and battle it out in an arena. The games League of Legends and Dota 2 are currently the 2 most popular games out and are also known as eSports.

The up and coming Dota 2 International already has US$35 million in the prize pool for its next big tournament. That prize pool will be shared amongst the top teams who make it to the last rounds of this globally televised tournament.

Now the trends of playing MOBA games is increasing because fibre optics are now the norm even in developing countries. And what’s more, is that MOBA games are free to play!

However, the most surprising trend is how these MOBA games are now making their way to mobile devices. The 4 top games right now attract hundreds of thousands of members. Each one can have up to 10 players at once playing on the same map battling out for bragging rights for being the best team. 5 players on team 1 and 5 players on team 2 need to work together to beat the enemy.

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • VainGlory
  • Arena of Valor
  • Heroes of Soulcraft

The future of MOBA gaming is set to rise and with the money going into the big tournaments, we are going to see a lot more millionaire gamers come through the ranks. This also means gaming hardware companies are going to be battling out for price, performance, and quality of new hardware such as gaming keyboards, laptops, PCs, monitors, and graphics cards!

A New Era of Torrents

Torrents have become one of the most popular ways to download movies and music. However, the issue overshadowing torrent networks is the fact that numerous copyright laws are being broken. This is why some companies are looking into new ways to deliver torrents that will ensure those that produced music or video still get paid.

For actors, musicians, and even book publishers, if torrents added to their current revenue streams coming from royalties and retail sales, then there is no reason why they should have any issues Therefore, the ‘problem’ is ‘copyright’ which all boils down to money.

We have all heard of Bittorrent a famous piece of torrent software that allows people to seed share, stream, and download torrent files. This was bought out by a blockchain firm called TRON which has since made its mission to include torrents on its platform.

The TRON platform itself has been on receiving end of copyright/plagiarism claims as well as allegations that its code is also a rip of other peoples work. However, in 2018 at the same time as its acquisition of BitTorrent was complete TRON moved off the Ethereum ECR-20 network and onto the TRON peer-to-peer custom-designed blockchain ecosystem.

Now this network aims to ensure content providers get paid for their work. This could be a subscription to a newspaper on the TRON ecosystem or someone here on TechnoFAQ sharing content on our website and receiving donations in the form of TRX tokens. However, the first challenge to get around is the fact that torrents are popular because they are free.

With this in mind, TRON still has a long way to go before it comes up with a full-proof way to ensure torrents are no longer considered a threat to copyright laws. While at this time the blockchain firm has over 300,000 members signed up and it still received 150,000 visitors a month, which over 1 million a year on its BitTorrent website.

It must be said, there are already plenty of people that believe in this technology!


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