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Improve Employee Enrollment With These Steps

GuideSpark is a company that aims to streamline your human resources department’s process. It is the leader in employee communications and engagement, with a huge expertise on how companies can increase employee benefits programs adoption to improve wellness and result in a healthy, satisfied and engaged workforce.

Most of the work they do is boosted by a mixture of two tools, SaaS and eLearning, which is helpful to shed more knowledge into any company’s human resources department. They work with several companies, which vary in many things including size: from giants like Adobe or Cameron, to smaller companies as well – they provide solutions to any kind of company, really.

With today’s huge advent of technology, the way to transmit information changed as well. Paper is a rare sight, with almost everything moving to computers. Using such innovative methods, GuideSpark is able to provide more broad services and enlighten companies.

An example of this is the 21-page report they issued recently, which includes some of the best practices a human resources department can follow when hiring and in order to increase employee engagement. Let’s look at the five steps contained in that report.

1. Plan before the Open Enrollment: being prepared is good advice for everything, including this subject. In the report, GuideSpark recommends that preparation should start 12 to 16 weeks before the Open Enrollment goes live.

2. Define goals and quantify success: setting goals has no use if, afterwards, success is not measured in order to quantify the amount of successes and failures. It is important to look back and understand what went good, and what can be improved.

3. Establish multi-channel communication plans: people are not all the same, and they like to do things differently. Open Enrollment and human resources should be able to cover and use a vast array of tools, so that they can reach the most people possible: posters with QR codes, email, videos and images are just some of the possibilities.

4. Employee education is important, regardless of time and location: usually, people consume information when they want and are available to, so companies should try and provide multiple channels in order to spread useful information to their employees. And this something that GuideSpark can help with, with its SaaS functionalities.

5. All year is important: most of the information companies pass to their employees are always useful and updated, so it is useful to have yearlong benefits education programs.

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