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Which Are The 7 Key Elements To Add In Your One-Page Website

Do you have a business website? A website that represents your products or services that you offer? If not, you are seriously missing something. In the era of the digitalization, you cannot sustain and grow without a powerful and impactful website that reflects your business. It is your virtual store that remains open for 24*7 for you promoting your business.


There are many advantages to having a website. It creates a powerful and authoritative brand presence for your business. It also improves your brand’s credibility and it offers an easy way for the users who might be interested in your offerings. They can find contact details and other important information about your business.

If you don’t have enough budget, you can always go for a single page website that will also serve the core purpose.

However, it is not just about making a website and forgets about it. You need to include certain things in the website to make an impact. Here in this post, we will discuss some of these crucial things that you need to add in your one-page website.

Your Unique Value Proposition

What do you offer that your competitors don’t? it is called the value proposition. Researches suggest that a visitor will scan your website in 5 seconds and if he does not find anything that relates to him, he will simply switch to your competitors. So, you have 5 seconds to impress him.

Hence, you need to emphasize on your unique value proposition at the top of the page. It might be a unique feature of the product you are offering. For example, a one-month free subscription from Netflix. It should be clearly visible to the audience. A user will identify with it instantly to make a decision. It will give you a competitive edge over others.

Contact Details

So your visitors find you interesting and they want to contact you to buy a product or service. What if your website doesn’t have contact details? It will not serve any purpose of designing a website.

Contact details should include your business phone number, business email and if you have a physical address of the store, it should be there too. There should be a clear indication to reach out to you when they want to.

You can include contact details at the top of the header to attract the users. Also, you can add a “GET A QUOTE” section in the middle of the website. It will surely work too.


What is your ultimate offering? What services do you offer to the customers? It should be clearly visible to the visitors on the website. In the service section, you need to clearly state all the services you offer including value-added services.

Also, don’t forget to mention the benefits these services offer. It will let your customers know about the possible benefits of buying your services.

Write a crisp content that covers all the services, benefits, pricing if you want to mention and other related information.

About Us

This section is a must. You can add this section to let your visitors know about your company. You can add information about what you are what you offer and what is your mission and vision. You can add why you are different than your competitors and what makes you unique.

In your one page website, you don’t have more luxury to write about your team and other important parts. Just write a short bio including your company details, future goals, and your offerings.


When you have accomplishments on your website, it will show a competent side of you. If you have such accomplishments such as previously completed project details, reviews, testimonials and other awards, you must highlight them on the website. Also, you can add a gallery of your awards and accomplishments.

Reviews and testimonials will help your visitors to get a clear idea of how your offerings have changed the lives of others by taking care of the issues they faced. Use clients’ real names and other details to make them more authentic. You can also add visual testimonials in a form of short videos. It will create a great impact.

Accomplishments will approve of your authority over the niche you are in. It will also build the trust among visitors.

Call To Action

It is also important to add a call to action for visitors who are satisfied with your website and likely to buy your services. Sometimes, they might go away as they don’t find anything about how to go ahead with you. No need to bombard with your sales offers and signup processes, a simple form will work too.

Company Information

In this segment, you can add a short bio of the company including contact information, working hours and other details. It will also help SEO wise too.


When you are designing your one-page website, these are the sections that you cannot miss. Ensure that you have them on your website.

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