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5 Most Crucial Security Tips to Defend Your Website From Hackers

The Website is the location or the place that is connected to the internet, which maintains one or more web pages. These all webistes are used to organize the data or information which should be accessible, anywhere in the world through the World Wide Web (www). Websites are so important for a small businesses as well as large businesses to earn money, get clients or to improve various form of the businesses across or all over the world.

This aspect should be taken into consideration that 98% of businesses across the world are using websites to communicate or store their important data,this is why It is very important for anyone to protect his or her website from hackers. In reality, there are two types of hackers, “White Hat” who help others to protect his or her website,they find vulnerabilities and report it to the owner of the website.  The other ones are “Black Hat”who harms others in the way that they steal data and important information from the websites or in more simple words we can pronounce them as the “thieves.”

In order to secure websites from black hats, every website owner should perform different kinds of protective so that they can enhance the security level of their websites to a considerable level. This is because of the reason that Nobody wants his or her website gets hacked or theft from malicious hackers, therefore, there are 5 magnificient ways provided through which people can secure their websites to a large extent. These 5 amazing ways are provided as follows:

  1.    SQL Injection:

SQL injection is the most basic,simple and easy way for a hacker to get inside a website or to steal the important data from the server, it can simply allow the hacker and grant him the access of the website. SQL injection attack will occur when  an attacker changes the URL parameter  to gain the access to the database. In this way you will be able to secure your website to a reasonable level.

For example,

[Select * FROM table WHERE column =’ ‘’ + parameter + “ ‘;]

If an attacker changes this query and changes this parameter to pass in  ‘OR’    1’=’1, it will look like this,

[Select * FROM table WHERE column =‘ ‘ OR  ‘1’=’1’ ;]

In the upper case, 1 is equal to 1 this will make the statement true and will allow the hacker to enumerate Data from the Database by using exploit query.

  1.    All software need to be updated

This is one of the most common security practice which should be followed and applied all the time by website owners and developers as much as possible. The server operating system and at the same time website content management system (CMS) or forum should be protected from the eyes of hackers in the right manner.

  1.    Disclosure Of Admin Panel and Cpanel:

The disclosure of Admin Panel and Cpanel are very harmful to the owner of a website. Hackers can easily get the access to it by using True Condition Queries, guessing the password or using brute force attack.

For example,

If a person can enumerate the username or got the FPD error, it means that it has the username of CPanel or Admin panel, he or she can easily get the password using the Brute Force attack. The FPD, user enumeration  and disclosure of admin panel or Cpanel are very vulnerable for a website.

The best way to secure website is to hide the Admin Panel and Cpanel of a website so the hacker would not be able to guess the password and will not be able to use True Condition Queries.

  1.    XSS (Cross Site Scripting):

XSS is the way through which a hacker puts the malicious Javascript and run it through the URL parameter. It will cause a website owner to lose all data from the website. In the simplest way, this vulnerability will provide all the data of each and every directory of a website.

During the process of forms development, web developers and website owners are needed to make sure that they evaluate the data first which is being submitted and encode or strip out any HTMl too.  

  1.    Option Of Files Uploads:

Some websites have options of uploading files, such as images, text files, etc. This is also vulnerable because  a hacker can easily upload a malicious script or file which will harm the server and the website. Therefore, being a smart owner of a website you are supposed to change the name of the file. In other words, the files should be renamed so that direct access to all uploaded files could be prevented in a better way.

The website owners, as well as web developers, are also needed to enhance the security mechanism  of their servers. This is because of the reason that irrelevant and unknown persons should not be given access to the servers physically.   

Wrapping Up

The website owners and web developers should perform all these security measures in order to improve the protection level of their websites for a longer period of time. In addition, they all are required to work in a proactive manner so that hackers could not hack or breach the security of their websites. With the help of these suggestions or tips, it can be assumed that people will be able to protect their websites in a true manner.


Author Bio:

Sara Loren is an ethical hacker who is currently associated with a high profile cyber crime prevention agency of United States. These days she is managing her own interactive blog in the name of Write My Essay For Me on a prominent social networking website for the sake of giving awareness to young web developers and website owners. 

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