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Published on March 16th, 2022 | by Ali Dino


Best 22 Sites To Buy TikTok LIkes That Are Instant

If you have been reading about buying TikTok likes, and you decide you want to try. But you don’t know what platforms are there which are safe and legit, and provide instant likes so that you could vet them. 

To give you a leg up on your research endeavors, we have prepared 22 sites to buy TikTok likes that are instant. 

Some of the platforms of course don’t provide instant likes like Pubtok or Feed Pixel, but they do make it up with many other things like their quality of service and products and many more. 

There are also many other platforms that provide likes in a quick way, but not instant, which we still thought was a good idea to include. 

As it turns out there are not a lot of platforms that offer instant TikTok likes, because getting them instantly is not always good for the algorithm, the slower but steady arrival of TikTok seems to perform better than a one-time appearance of 100 likes on any account. 

It is also important to note that we have tested this platform in terms of service quality, product quality, and reviews. Of course, we did pay attention to the time of their delivery as well.

First off, before we talk about the things we used to rate platforms, we need to quickly mention, although this platform promises delivery only within 48 hours. The quality of the likes you buy will definitely be worth it. 

Because sometimes, when you buy just likes, you will automatically get some views on your videos. That is logical since, if someone or some account was to come to your platform to like a video, that will also count as a view as well, as long as it stays longer than 3 seconds.  

So, perhaps not all the accounts that come stay longer than 3 seconds, which is why you don’t get an equal number of views, but getting at least some is still really nice. 

The platform offers free TikTok views that work 100% of the time. You could literally get 1000 free TikTok views every day, plus TikTok free likes as well. We are not sure how this site does business, of course, they sell, but they offer a ton of free tools and products that almost seems like an unfathomable type of business to maintain. 

If we are to talk about the service. It is as great as it gets, in fact, it is the best in the industry. Because they offer chat support and answer emails quickly, the reviews of them on platforms like Trustpilot are very positive. 

In fact, compared to any other platforms, in our list, they are the only ones with the most positive reviews on Trustpilot which is why we have put this platform as the first one. 


The second platform on our list is also almost as good as the first one. This platform offers a great deal of variety in terms of platforms and products on the shelf. They offer products from Instagram to youtube and of course TikTok. 

Within the platform, they have everything a person may need. For example, if you are to go for Instagram then you can choose from likes, views, followers, and more, even including IGTV products as well.  The same logic applies to TikTok and you can easily find TikTok likes there. 

The site has a cool design and contacts all over the site. What is great about it is that they actually answer the calls and help you with your ordering. This sets them apart from other platforms. Of course, it is not common to order likes from a phone, but if you so desired you could give this a try. 

When it comes to the reviews on Trustpilot as well, they are doing quite well. Of course, negatives reviews are can be found 

They don’t also have chat support, which would be really nice to ask a few questions here and there to make up one’s mind, but they probably make it up with the phone calls. 

If we are to talk about the elephant in the room, the first promise is 0-2 days delivery, which seems to be the industry average. 


Feedpixel is a platform that was really hard to decide where to place, whether first or second. Because this is truly a great platform with great service, quality, pricing, and reviews. 

This site also offers many products from other platforms as well, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and much more sure. 

The site has a lot going for it, you could become a reseller and sell likes on your own with their sister platform, or spread awareness of them and gain from free products to real money. 

If you are just limiting yourself to buying TikTok likes, then the platform has some of the best quality likes and followers in the industry. 

If you don’t feel like going to Trustpilot to check their review, you could read the reviews on each product before you check out all of which also seem to be quite positive as well. 

Another great element of the site is that they have this explanation videos on each item that shows you how to shop. 

The site also has chat support where you can talk to real people, it is rare for businesses of this sort to really have real people answering your queries. 

The TikTok likes you buy is promised to be delivered within 48 hours, which is again industry standard.


The second platform on our list only focuses on TikTok and its products. However, there is a huge difference between them and Pubtok. Because top grade is a subscription-based platform while Pubtok just sells likes and views on various amounts that you choose. 

When it comes to discussing the instancy of likes, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a number due to its model of business. But if you are to get s subscription, then you probably wouldn’t really be worried 

The reviews are positive, and the site seems secure and credible enough that this site is relatively higher on our list.  They don’t offer chat support which is bad, because it’s nice to have it since you can ask questions and other stuff. 

Although they have good reviews on Trustpilot, they have a low trust score on scam advisers. This is not saying much, but it could be improved, they might have left a few clients unsatisfied. 

There is not much we could discuss the pricing, but the platform has some interesting offers on shelf-like TikTok automation, auto-follow and unfollow, auto like, and more. 


Somewhat of a mystery platform musically PO provides TikTok likes and followers as per the reviews on other sites. When it comes to the site of their own, there is not much in there.

Although it was difficult to find more information on the site, we still have decided to include it in our list, not just for the sake of variety but also to add a bit of flair. 

Because it is not often you meet a platform that does a business in this elegant and secret way, especially in a world of TikTok likes and views where that mystery is unlikely to pay off.

So, it won’t be possible to talk about the services and the quality of their products nor the pricing. But we can talk a little bit about the reviews. And they are positive. Although they don’t have an account on Trustpilot. They have a 90 trust score on scam adviser. 

As a side note, if you are also checking for a website, and want to find out how trustworthy they are, always check them on multiple platforms because they have forgotten to open an account on one, but will still have one on some others. 


When it comes to discussing the stormlikes, it gets a bit confusing as there are a few platforms, which one is the main is hard to tell for all of them are functional. 

But for the sake of simplicity, we are just going to refer to the one that has the most number of positive reviews which is the stormlikes with a network domain.

One of the cool things about this site is that it offers free likes. But the very thing becomes a bit annoying as to get those free likes, you nearly have to cross the oceans and the planet. If we were to compare this to Pubtok a platform that just gives out free likes. Stormlikes cannot even come close. 

But comparison aside, the service quality seems to be good. They offer various types of payment methods. Pricing is not that bad, on an industry average level. But when it comes to the time of delivery, they promise instant delivery. 

This is probably one of the few websites that promise such an instant delivery. But as the number of likes, you wish to buy increases, time increases. But it never becomes two days or so like most of the other platforms. 

So, if you would like to buy just some quick likes and be done with buying TikTok likes online, then hopping over to this platform might be the easiest thing you can do. 


It is true, the name suggests it is about Instagram and if you are to visit the site you will definitely find products for that platform for sure. 

However, you will also find other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and surely TikTok as well. In fact, the platform offers a variety of products on almost all social media platforms. 

The site has chat support which is a great thing to have. It is something that we made use of, often. Instead of turning to google straight up, we asked the question directly from them. 

Of course, the most pilot and professional were the feedpixel guys, but instafollowers did not lag much behind. They were not the nicest, but professional enough to reply and answer all our questions. 

The pricing and the quality of the products on the average with the industry and the number of payments offered are on the same level with the industry as well. In fact, they offer e-wallets payments, but if we are to compare it with other companies that still is on the higher end. 

The only thing kind of bad about his platform is the reviews which are poor on Trustpilot.  But they do have a 100 trust score on scam adviser. So, that should make up for the poor reviews on Trustpilot.


Social boosting is a site with a unique design among all others. But like many other sites, it does offer quite a number of platforms and also includes TikTok. 

One of the things that we constantly keep talking about is the chat feature. They do have that chat feature and they also have the phone number listed on the site. These things make us really happy because it just shows that they have quite the quality of service. 

The pricing seems to be on the higher end though. We have compared the prices of many other websites, specifically the price of 100 followers on TikTok. Theirs seems to be the most expensive. Perhaps this guarantees quality, perhaps not. In any case,  it was necessary to mention that. 

Reviews are not going their way as well. In fact, they don’t have a single review on Trustpilot. And on scam adviser, they only have 46 trust score. That just gives us some unsatisfied customer vibe. 

Overall the site is solid, and a legit site that you can buy TikTok likes and more. Although they don’t tell anything about the delivery times of the bought likes, they give you the option to track them. The tracking feature itself is something unique to them and one of the advantages that they only have. 


SocialWick is another platform that offers quite a number of platforms. They have likes and followers for almost all the social media platforms including but not limited to TikTok. 

Another big advantage of the site is the one that we should discuss first and it is that they have a variety of payment options.  

However, if you are to follow through the steps and get to checkout you will only see two options only and the minimum spend requirement which seems like a letdown after all the good parts of the site you see. 

The ratings of the site are also not on the positive side, they only have 3 stars in Trustpilot. That is not really bad when you think about it. They also have 24/7 support which makes up for all the missing points. 

When it comes to talking about pricing, they are actually quite on the low side even when compared to the industry average.  The delivery times were not discussed on the site, but the promise of 24/7 service may seem like it may cover it. 


TokSocial is a platform that looks very much like the toksocial that we will discuss next, but we are not sure if they are both from the same company. 

The service quality is okay, and the quality is fair. But when it comes to discussing the pricing it is a bit hard to find something to compare.  They are also subscription-based. This puts them against all those platforms that we have discussed which were also subscription-based. 

But comparing their price at the multiples of other platforms at the same time, we have come to the conclusion that their pricing was actually competitive. 

There is no information on the number of likes a buyer receives but if you ever want to try their platform, then you should find if you get more than 100 TikTok likes a day, then it will all be worth the money you pay.

Reviews are again not quite as good as you would expect a platform of this magnitude would have. But every platform every now and then probably leaves a few customers unsatisfied every now and then, it is to really the final verdict on the quality of their service on the platform. 

But the TikTok likes you buy are not instant that is for sure, but the weekly programs may seem like you won’t need instant likes for you will have recurring likes. 


Although the name of the platform may suggest that they are good at marketing Instagram products, they have products for other platforms including TikTok as well. 

The site has many other products apart from the likes and followers. They offer paid media, PR online, and content production as well as music production. 

One of the first things that a person landing on the page likes is that they have a video that explains who they are and why you should go with them. 

When it comes to offering TikTok products they are probably the only platform that offers TikTok ads. How this works is not clear yet, but it seems to us that they will just help you set up your TikTok ads.

The prices are set in Euros, as it seems like this platform is more popular in Europe, they are also on the higher end compared to the industry. 

The site also has an app that has a number of good reviews. So, it makes it super easy to order likes from your phone if you so wish. But when it comes to reviews of the site on Trustpilot,  they are nonexistential, LIterally. 

They have zero reviews on Trustpilot. But considering that they may be a European company perhaps they don’t know about Trustpilot. But they have good reviews on the shortlist platform. 


This is one of the only two platforms with a letter x in their name. Bouxtie does offer many other platforms apart from TikTok as well but they seem to be more popular among the TikTok community. Another important feature they offer that we like is the chat feature. 

That is a great feature that we talk about a lot and lie about because it really does make buyer’s life a whole lot easier, and better. You come onto the website and ask the question you want to ask and that is it. 

When it comes to discussing the pricing, they are probably the lowest platform.  They probably know that they are the lowest because it seems like they have done their research on this issue.  

However, there is no easily available information on the time of delivery. Which is kind of a bit of a letdown. another thing that is kind of bad is that they ask for excessive information on the checkout. It just seemed like a bit too much to follow to just buy some TikTok likes. 

Like many other sites, the reviews on Trustpilot are not like the sites we have listed at the top of the article. They have a trust score of 60 which is fair. 

Buy Social Buzz

This platform seems huge. It also offers a ton of products and a ton of platforms. And surely including TikTok as well.  They have this feature we like, “a chat support”. 

It just shows that they have a good service, and focus on providing one for their visitors as well. You don’t even have to write, they will be the first ones to open a conversation with you. So, that is just really good. 

We cannot discuss the pricing of the site, because it is totally in another currency which we could not figure out. But in terms of payment options, they have PayPal as an option, so if you were to ever land on the page and shop, you still could buy whatever it is you are looking for with USD 

Now if we are to discuss the reviews of the site, they are again not as good as the platforms we have listed on the top. Because they don’t even have a single review on Trustpilot, and only have about 20 trust score on scam adviser.  

That just doesn’t mean they are not legit, it just means perhaps, they have not been keeping their clients happy.

Recommended List of Companies to Buy TikTok Likes:

When we were doing our research we came up with a ton of other platforms that offer TikTok likes or followers and more other things. 

Since we have already discovered them, we decided to list them all here so that you could do a bit of research on your own and find things that we perhaps did not discuss in the article yet.

  • Active IG
  • Hashtags for Likes 
  • The Royal Key
  • TikTok Guru
  • Tik Fuel
  • Mr. Insta 
  • Trollishly
  • Alessin
  • Celebritik
  • SocioTraffic
  • TikTok Viral
  • King Views
  • TikTok Fame
  • So Chill Panel
  • Media Mister 
  • FollowersUp
  • FastLykke
  • InstaFollowers
  • TikFantok
  • Tik-Boost

In Conclusion 

At the end of the day, the best sites to buy TikTok likes don’t always offer instant likes. The reason for this seems to be that delivery does take time and it is only for good. 

If we are to compare the platforms amongst themselves the ones higher up have better reviews and customer service, while the ones below are relatively worse. 

Yet, all those platforms offer TikTok likes, views, followers, and more. The pricing is on the same level more or less. 

We have checked the payment options with almost all of them, and there is but a bit of difference among them in terms of offering a variety of payments. But the majority seems to accept credit cards and PayPal including some crypto as well. 

So, paying should not lead to any problems or issues along the way. 

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