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5 Must-Have Pieces Of Equipment For Rewarding Solar Experience

Do you want to go solar but are afraid of an unpleasant experience? Then, this article is for you! It is crucial to research the industry while entering it, especially as a customer. As someone who is not a professional in the field, knowing key points about the industry that a person enters is of utmost advantage for that particular individual. In that case, you avoid being misled, lied to, and manipulated. Besides, you become capable of creating a plan according to which you either save money or make the system suitable to your needs and preferences. Particularly, to enter the solar industry as a customer, you need to buy a solar panel system. To make your purchase as efficient as possible, you need to get acquainted with the must-have pieces of equipment for efficient solar energy generation and consumption. With this knowledge, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from the sun’s energy. So, let’s proceed with the article to gain theoretical experience in the solar industry.

The First Step To Enter The Solar Industry Prior To Purchase

Before going into the details about equipment, I would tell you that at first, you should research the industry and find out a best-fit solar panel company for you. Criteria to go for one particular company are not many. Indeed, to be satisfied with your choice, you should pay attention to the company’s product and service quality, claims regarding the warranty, innovative nature, safety, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These are of utmost importance for understandable reasons. However, you may ask, “Why should I pay attention to the CSR of the company?” Let me tell you that if you choose a company in the renewable energy industry, you need to make sure that a company like LA Solar Group aligns with sustainability standards. That would guarantee you considerate behavior towards the product and yourself as a customer – company’s stakeholder. Additionally, I’d like to highlight that your solar company should unquestionably have the must-have pieces of equipment ready to sell. These include solar panels, solar inverter, solar racking, solar performance monitoring and tracking, as well as a solar panel battery bank.

Solar Panels

Of course, what else can be the fundamental component of the must-have equipment pieces for the solar panel system if not a photovoltaic (PV) panel itself. To choose the best fit for your house, you need to pay attention to its cost, warranty, efficiency, and technology type. These four criteria relative to your needs will make your purchase a rewarding experience. Why rewarding? Because with high-efficiency, the right technology type corresponding to the roof, beyond 25-year warranty, and affordable cost, you pile up components essential to saving money. If these four criteria are met, you consume as much energy as needed but save on cleaning and maintenance costs as well as roof renovation.

Solar Inverter

I should hurry to tell you that you won’t be able to have the apt energy for usage without an inverter. The function of an inverter is to convert DC (direct current) power to AC (alternating current) power. The conversion sustains electricity at your house. Based on your preferences, you may opt for one of the three inverters – string inverters, micro-inverters, power optimizers. If your goal is saving money, choose a string inverter. If you want maximum efficiency, take micro-inverters. If you desire to save money and maximize efficiency, then pick power optimizers.

Solar Racking

It is of no surprise that PV panels aren’t nailed onto the roof. A special racking system exists to mount the PV panels onto it. With that system, your panels get firmly installed at the right angle of 30-50 degrees facing south. What if you don’t want to install the equipment on the roof and prefer ground installation? In that case, you may access ground mount solar of two types – fixed and track. The former is stationed at the right angle for maximum efficiency. The latter is constantly adjusting according to the sun’s direction. Choices are many – decide wisely!

Solar Performance Monitoring And Tracking

Exciting news – you may monitor the sun’s energy performance and be in charge of monthly electricity bills. As the owner of a PV system has the opportunity to monitor solar performance, that person signifies high performance. The reason behind this is that the equipment reports how much energy is produced and consumed on an hourly basis. Consequently, the owner wouldn’t like to see poor performance reports. An additional benefit of performance tracking and monitoring is the capability to notice issues and report them to the company for further corrective actions. You buy the equipment, and you gain full control over it.

Solar Panel Battery Bank

Does switching to solar energy consumption solve electricity problems like power outages and blackouts? Sure! Due to the solar panel battery bank, PV panels’ generate excess energy gets conserved for later use upon demand. As you have access to the extra power, electricity outages and blackouts are of no menace to you. Storage equipment solves all your problems and fulfills all your concerns regarding the theme of no accessibility to electricity. Above all, with conserved energy, you have the opportunity to either sell it back to the grid or make an investment in the solar stock market. Can you imagine consuming energy and making money? A fairytale in reality! The former allows you not to keep extra energy and earn money by selling it back to the grid. The latter gives you the opportunity to trade extra energy and make a profit by selling the bought stock at a higher price.

Act like a professional of the industry – get the solar maximum!

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