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Ideas to Create & Host a Webinar – Benefits for Customer Service

With the advancement of technologies in the recent era, seminars are being replaced with webinars nowadays or you can say now it is more about the ‘online seminars’!! Yes! With each passing day, webinars are becoming immensely popular in all over the world.

Whether they are educators, sponsors, or the attendees, for everyone webinars seem to be something excellent and helpful. The former section of people spread their message through webinars, the next type of individuals just love the appealing long shelf-life that they can procure through webinars, and last but not the least, for the latter section, it is a convenient and cost-effective option for enlightening themselves on any specific subject.

Moreover, while assuming that you are leading a business if I specifically speak about the benefits of webinars for customer service then I must say that there are huge bunches of perks available. You could make your customers just fall in love with your business while going for webinars!!

Haven’t you included webinars yet into your customer service? Then, you are definitely missing out some significant opportunities of brand-awareness.

Here is how you can upgrade your customer service with webinars.

Just have a look!

1. A Flexible Option

There is no hard and fast rule for a webinar. You , as a marketing professional, can offer one exactly in the same way how your customers want it to be. You can choose from any of the options like presentations, workshops etc. in multiple formats starting from Q & As, panels to interviews, and many others. So, with a webinar, you would be able to pass your message to your customers in an effective way.

2. Right for a strong customer base

As a businessman, your main objective is to keep your customers happy! If you include webinars as an adjunct to your customer service then your this aim will be definitely accomplished. You can offer free webinars to your customers with striking information about your products or services and host them on various social media platforms.

On doing so, people would get enticed towards your business up to an extreme level as they would be able to get such useful information without spending a buck! Then, amid of hosting such free webinars, if you will sometimes come up with a few paid ones consisting of premium contents in it then also your customers will not think twice before making a payment. It’s because a trust-factor that you will give only the best will work in them for you.

3. Reach your customers anywhere

If you opt for a webinar for speaking out about your fantastic services or products then you will be able to reach to your customers who are present in any corner of the world and even they will be accessible to you for 24×7. With webinars, you don’t have to bear with any traveling costs, transportation charges, expenses for meals, or entertainment etc. like the normal seminars but still can convey your message to your customers flawlessly!

4. Highly scalable

When it comes to customer service, then you might need to reach out either a small or large audience, as per the circumstances and your choice. Now, in such a scenario, webinars are the best for you. You can get the desired number of audience for each sessions just by changing some privacy settings.

5. Longevity of your data

You can record the webinars and make them downloadable for your customers. So, in case, if they miss one then they will be easily able to get an access.

However, you can generate all such advantages for your customers while boosting your customer service only when you could host a furnished, professional, and effective webinar.

Now, how can you launch such a fantastic webinar?

Here are some beneficial and expert tips for you:

1. Understand your audience well

Before you start planning a webinar, don’t forget to ask yourself “who are my targets?” Are they the prospects, existing customer, or both of them? It’s because to find an answer for this question seems to be extremely essential! Now, after you get to know this then plan what you need to cover in the webinar while keeping the perspective and interest of your prospective audience in mind.

2. Opt for an acceptable headliner for the speaker

While you host a webinar, you must ensure that the speaker who is going to be the main focus should be an expert. I mean he should be a well-known person because remember “big names” really entice people. Don’t forget to opt for the most suitable type out of the many webinar styles through which you can convey your message appropriately and yes! Of course make sure that you are showcasing who is your speaker as far as possible to attract maximum audience.

3. Take follow up from your attendees

After you are done with your webinar, you must know how to withstand the propensity to feel relaxed because this would be the time when your audience will be eager about the message from you.

To meet with such an expectation of your customers, you ought to send a link of the recorded webinar and other relevant materials to the audience. This will really help you to make your customers satisfied while improving the customer service exceedingly.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, you should even take other steps like generating the right kind of marketing plan, planning your webinar in the attractive way, choosing an appealing title and topic, and so on.

End of the line

So, do you get an idea about the webinars now? Then, what are you waiting for? Just jump into the pool of webinar promotion soon if you’ve not done so yet and get your toes wet!!

Wish you all the good luck.

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Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media (, SEO and digital marketing company. He is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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