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Published on July 2nd, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


5 Amazing Advanced Gaming Technology You Should Know About

The gaming industry has come a long way from the 1980s where videos were very basic. Looking at the industry today, you can’t help but admire the impressive advances in technology aimed at making the experience richer and more enjoyable.

The reason why the industry never sleeps is that the demands of gamers seem insatiable and companies want to stand out in the phase of disruptive technology. Below are some of the top technologies making headlines in gaming.

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1. Facial Recognition

The need for customization of the gaming experience has made technology developers think deep into how they can use facial recognition to personalize gaming. This technology allows systems to capture, integrate, and create your likeness in gaming.

With this technology, you can have an avatar that resembles you or transfers your expressions to other digital creations. Technologies such as Intel RealSense 3D cameras enable gaming developers to come up with games that capture the emotions of the gamer.

This technology scans up to 78 different points on the gamers face so as to get the right emotions. For instance, the technology may automatically dial down the difficulty level of the game if the player makes a few grimaces at the gaming screen.

2. Gesture Control

In gaming, the controller is probably the most important device. It interfaces the player and the screen. This has been the case for a very long time and even to date, controllers are the main input devices for signals from the gamer.

Gesture control is an innovative technology that seeks to replace the need to work with a controller. With this technology, you can interact with your device by using hand waves. The 3D camera the technologies use tracks 22 separate points on your hand thereby allowing you to connect with the gaming experience through natural body movements.

Take an example of the Warrior Wave game. This game uses RealSense technology where you use your hand to lead a contingent of Ancient Greek soldiers from the danger zone to safety. The outline of your hand shows up on the screen.

3. Voice Recognition

This is another gaming technology that seeks to replace the controller. Let’s admit, at times, we are too lazy to even reach out and pick up the controller. This won’t be a problem with the voice recognition.

The technology is not entirely new, but its usage in gaming is pretty much a new experience. Computers can now comfortably recognize voice commands thereby making it an important input channel.

Through your voice, you can turn the console on and off as well as use the tech to control gameplay, search the web, play selections right from your media library and interact seamlessly on social media. Talking to your gaming system is indeed a sweeping technology.

4. High Definition Displays

Anyone who understands gaming knows that the display is just about everything. Graphics are the foundation of a good display. If you have ever come across 4K televisions, then that is what high def displays are all about.

For ultra 4K gaming to be possible, your screen must support 4,000 pixels on the minimum. There are laptops that have this capability as well. High def displays make the gaming experience richer with lots of colors and depth.

The good news is that these 4K screens are no longer as expensive as they were years ago when they hit the market. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to enjoy screens with 4K capability. High definition displays bids 1080p goodbye.

5. Augmented Reality

This technology was revealed way back in 2015 through Microsoft’s HoloLens. Augmented reality seeks to blend holograms with day-to-day real-world experiences to enrich gaming activities. Through this technology, you can maneuver spaces in the real world and even make the object of the game you are playing so applicable to real-world situations.

For instance, you can play table hockey from any angle on your kitchen counter. You can also take part in puzzles mapped out right in your backyard.

Apart from the above technologies, there are many more that you may want to check out on GamingScan such as wearable gaming, cloud gaming, mobile gaming, and on-demand gaming. All these technologies are available and you can explore them to establish what they bring into the gaming world.

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