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PHP Still Ranks High as a Web Development Platform. Here are 12 Important Reasons Why!

Your website is your company’s storefront! For online viewers and your potential customers, it’s their first reference point to your brand. The online business space is laden with ambitious brands and their aggressive marketing initiatives. It is owing to the acute competition that exists. To be visible online in an appealing way is the number one aim of most companies. An impressive web design, therefore, is a necessity than an option! An informative layout and a user-friendly interface are what appeals to new age customers more. Hence, the process of custom website development has become pronounced than ever.

What is custom website development?

Custom website development is a method to monitor web improvement. Here the customizations get actualized in correlation to the structure used. Primarily, it has two categories, namely:

  • Open source development, such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress and many more.
  • Custom website development, such as Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii, and others.

Selecting a web development platform is crucial as that decides the look, feel, performance and success of a site. Companies are often caught up in a thought loop when it comes to selecting the ideal platform. Over the years PHP has been ranking as a leading platform for web development.

What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language, created 20 years back by programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. Recently, this platform has impressed everyone with its spectacular enhancements. Today, you can have access to other advanced web development technologies as well. But clearly, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) happens to be one of the most used and trusted platforms.

Being an open source scripting language, PHP was developed to set up websites and web applications executions on the web servers. It can be embedded into the HTML code on a page effortlessly. Furthermore, PHP works entirely on the server. That means it doesn’t at all depend on your browser or computer.

Why should you develop your website on PHP? One of the most significant reason is it ensures a durable and robust web structure which in turn enables your site to manage considerable traffic. And today increased web traffic is what every entrepreneur aims for their online business. With PHP you can have a secure website, that’s independent, database and server friendly. Majority of companies that specialize in Custom Web Development solutions suggest their clients to choose PHP as a web development platform.

Is PHP popular? Is it credible? If that’s what you are mulling on, here’s an interesting trivia for you. Progressive and reputed names like Harvard University and globally acclaimed social networking platform Facebook sites are built on PHP. A website based on PHP can be updated, enhanced and maintained easily.

If you are still looking for reasons on why PHP is one of the most preferred web development platforms, here are 12 useful reasons discussed below.

1. It is an open source platform

Being open source, PHP is free and readily accessible. Are you planning to recruit a PHP developer? Does he/she have a good command on Java and C? If yes, then he/she will do a stellar job using PHP for your website. PHP is a more hassle-free web development platform than the others. Also, you can expect a good outcome.

2. You have better support

Being a dominant scripting language, PHP offers immense support. The online world will provide you with several guidelines and reference materials on the subject. Also, there are several online forums and PHP support groups that you can join. Even if you do get stuck, you always have access to the digital PHP library.

3. It’s cross-platform

Being cross-platform PHP allows function across multiple OS. PHP works perfectly on UNIX, Windows, Mac OSX and LINUX platform. You don’t need to develop any unique app for the same. There’s a bonus too! It can interface seamlessly with Apache/MySQL.

4. It has a big community

Undoubtedly, the PHP community is vast! Since it’s widespread, you can come across multiple PHP users, contributors and developers. Top employers are providing enterprising PHP jobs. Whether you want to recruit a PHP developer or want to be PHP contributor, you’re not alone. There are masses of it!

5. Increased returns

PHP is the backbone of the most successful global websites. Hence, high web traffic is an obvious spin-off. It translates into increased brand visibility, online sales and thus increased returns as well.

6. High on SFS

SFS stands for Speed, Flexibility, and Stability! And with PHP you need not worry about either quality. And this is what attracts the majority of start-ups and business owners to select PHP as their web development platform.

7. The aspect of embedding

PHP comes with an exciting feature! It can be embedded into HTML without any hassle. Hence, you can convert your present static website, to a new and dynamic one. The transition is smooth and easy.

8. PHP is fast

You can develop PHP quickly which guarantees a faster turnaround time. All you need to do is hire an expert PHP developer. You will be impressed with the efficiency you get with this web development platform.

9. PHP is here to stay

PHP is a successful web development platform today! Its possibilities for future success are countless. The main thing to remember here is – PHP is typed loosely. Hence, one can develop simple scripts quickly and easily.

10. Other tools

Sometimes companies need to access other online tools. It could be Google Maps, which is essential for a business website. When you use PHP, this access becomes very easy.

11. Extensions

Many PHP extensions are highly scalable. Besides, an ace PHP developer will make sure that the outcome is quantifiable. It enables you to estimate your ROI which in turn positions you better in a competitive market space.

12. PHP is pre-configured

Majority of hosting services come with a “ready to use” PHP setting! Hence, you don’t have to worry about any particular configuration processes. If you require a highly secure website, you can modify it easily.

Every start-up or an established business wants value for money! Business expansion and promotion need a consolidated budget. Hence, most people want to invest in a web development platform that offers long-term value. Owing to its set of unique and useful features, PHP is an obvious choice for smart entrepreneurs. If you are in two minds about PHP, consider the above-discussed benefits and arrive at an informed decision.

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