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How to Solve Your Household Problems with a Framing Nailer

A framing nailer is one of the home tools required during home construction and building. This nail gun is efficient for driving nails into a frame even better than a hammer. In essence, framing your house becomes a lot easier without having to depend on a carpenter. In this post, you’ll find out household problems which can be easily fixed using a framing nailer.

How a Framing Nailer Works

Power tools such as the framing nailer are do-it-yourself tools which enable you fix your home problems like an experienced contractor. While it’s true that the nailer can cause accidents around the home, it’s not an excuse to not try to fix the small repair issues that shouldn’t have to wait.

  • The framing nailer helps with general framing work in the house. They include building a deck or installing a frame into a room.
  • Accuracy, time-efficiency, and speed are three major advantages with this type of nail gun.
  • The right framing nailer is useful for both light and heavy-duty tasks that contribute to home improvement.
  • If you plan to frame the entire building of your home, you will need the pneumatic nailer. It is better at going through lumber and fixing other heavy-duty tasks.
  • However, the cordless nailer is perfect for framing your backyard fence or doing other little repairs or installations around the house. It’s easy to move around and weighs a lot less than the pneumatic nailer.

Pneumatic Framing Nailer versus Cordless Framing Nailer

Some people ask “which nailer should I purchase?” The question really shouldn’t be “which” because each of these types serves its own purpose.

Pneumatic Nailer

The pneumatic nailer works with compressed air; thus, you need an air compressor. You attach the air compressor to the air hose opening on the nailer. When you pull a trigger, the piston in the nailer moves and causes the nail to drive straight into the lumber. The simple design and lightweight features make it one of the desirable home tools. And if the home problem you need to fix is a tough job, the pneumatic nailer is the ideal option.

Cordless Nailer

The cordless nailer depends on electric currents and not an air compressor. The fuel cartridges and batteries set the nailer working and its performance is like the typical vehicle. There are also cordless nailers like the brushless nailers which use only charged batteries and rule out the need for fuel. When you pull the trigger on the cordless gun, fuel meets air therefore bringing about an explosion that pushes the piston which then pushes the nail into the timber.

How Home Improvement Influences Choice of Nailer

The kinds of home improvement tasks you engage in should determine the type of framing nailer you opt for.

  • If you engage in regular renovation or construction, it’s advisable that you check the weight of the nailer before you purchase it. A heavyweight nailer can cause extreme discomfort and fatigue thereby making the framing process uninteresting and burdensome. In fact, when framing heights that require that you raise your hand to drive nails into the wall or your house, you may have a hard time keeping a heavy nailer overhead. For these reasons, it’s better to choose a lightweight framing nailer.
  • Again, the size of your nailer matters. When working in tight spaces around your home, you need a nailer that will fit perfectly into the small area. However, in a situation where your nailer is big-sized, such framing jobs may become impossible. The alternative is to have different sizes of nailers in your home. Besides, most manufacturers of nailers have a way of keeping the tip of a big-shaped nailer flexible so that it can fit into small spaces.
  • Nail sizes also matter when deciding on framing nailer choice. First, find out the building code for your area to learn if clipped head nails are allowed. If not, the round head nail will be the better option. When you’re sure of what nails you’ll need, you can pick a framing nailer that shoots that type of nail. This saves you the worry of getting nails that won’t fit into your wall or house and won’t work with your nailer.

In all, when power tools, choose one that’s easy-to-use, budget-friendly, and suitable for your home improvement. Why invite a carpenter or contractor when you can become a DIYer and get to work now framing your walls and house with the right power tools?

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