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5 Questions to Ask to take the mystery out of Microphone Rental

Are you planning company meeting, special event or a theatrical performance? We understand details matter to make your event a success.

You have several considerations when it comes to the audio visual and one of the important ones, should you buy or rent all of those microphones needed for the event. This is probably the most common question when in need to microphones.

Following are some questions that may help to answer some of your concerns and also help you to understand whether you should buy or rent microphones.

1. How many units will you need?

When determine the number of units needed to conduct the program you will need to decide if it is better to buy the units because you will use them many times or if its better to rent so they do not just sit around collecting dust on the shelf. However, if you know that you will be having such events frequently and will need the same type of audio instruments, then it will be more feasible to invest in the same.

2. Will You Be Having More Than One Type Of Event?

Another point of consideration is the type of event you will be having throughout the year. Let’s say, apart from your annual event, you arrange conferences, meetings, presentations, etc. Now, in that case, you should make sure to either buy the ‘all-in-one’ audio set that can assist you with all your requirements or you can opt for renting the appropriate system at the time of the event itself.

At this point, you should ascertain whether buying an ‘all-in-one’ audio and microphone system is feasible or hiring the ones that are appropriate to the event organized. The rental option may be more feasible if you do not wish to make a costly investment.

3. Do You Have The Expertise To Operate?

If you have a technical department, you will be able to tackle the technical issues that may occur during the event quite easily. If that is not the case, hiring is a better option as you get the professional assistance for technical errors.

Some believe that knowing how to operate microphones will not demand any further technical expertise, however, if any technical issue occurs it is best to have a qualified technician on hand.

When you rent form us you get 24/7 technical support and professional assistance that makes your job effortless and trouble-free.

4. What Will Be The Durability Of The Instrument?

When you plan to spend a huge amount equipment, you must figure out how much durable is that equipment so that you can understand whether the option you are choosing is a viable one or not.

When the equipment you buy does not have a long life, splurging on the same makes no sense. Renting allows you to always have the latest model and type of equipment.

5. The Risk Of Obsolesce?

Technology is always advancing and coming up with the new equipment and more advanced equipment every day. Therefore, you run the risk of obsolesce if you were to buy the product. However, you don’t have that risk when you rent it. You can always rent the latest equipment and enjoy the advancements.

Final Remarks

Once you get the answer to all of these questions, you will be able to make an informed decision whether to buy or rent.

Although these are general questions, your answers may vary depending upon organization’s financial, liquidity and management situation. Nonetheless, we are sure, the above article will help you to decide whether to spend and buy or rent.

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