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Published on April 25th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


This Is Why You Should Cruise Out Of Sydney

When searching for the best cruise experience, one of the many things people focus on is the port of departure. The departing port will dictate local attractions that one can enjoy before boarding their cruise, the ports of call along the voyage, and the available cruise line companies to choose from. When factoring in these three main points, Sydney, Australia dominates the list as a premier port of departure for many of the most exciting cruise adventures one can book.

This article is intended to help adventure-seekers never again forget about cruises from Sydney, and recognize the city as a top destination for people who seek an excursion of a lifetime. Just be sure to research various cruise tips for Australia and luxury private islands to make the most of your adventure. After all, many cruises headed out of Sydney visit other ports in Australia giving passengers an array of cultural experiences throughout the country.

Getting to Sydney is Extremely Easy

When taking a cruise out of hundreds of other locations, many travelers find themselves having to take multiple flights, and even a train or bus journey after a long flight. Cruising out of Sydney is advantageous simply because it is easy to get to the port of departure. Sydney’s airport is the main hub in all of Australia with 104 airports around the world having direct flights, from 27 different countries. When you have a straight shot to your port of departure you will be more rested and in a better position to get the most enjoyment out of your cruise.

Sydney Offers Attractions for People of All Ages and Backgrounds

Another reason why Sydney is one of the best cities to cruise from is that it offers a plethora of sights and activities for the entire family. Many people like to arrive at their port of departure a few days early to explore the city, and Sydney will not disappoint. There are a number of things to do in Sydney that include day trips to places of natural beauty like the Blue Mountains, the Royal Botanic Gardens, South Head Heritage Trail, and a number of scenic beaches. Art lovers can visit multiple museums including the Museum of Sydney, Jewish Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Couples seeking romantic activities can take a luxury sailing cruise at Sydney Harbor and watch the sunset over an upscale meal, and kids will love exploring the local zoo, Madame Tussauds, and the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Travelers who book their cruise to line up with a performance at the Sydney Opera House are especially lucky, as the building is a world-class example of modern architecture featuring one of the best opera companies in the world.

Take Your Pick of Cruise Lines

Another reason why thousands of people decide to cruise out of Sydney is that they get their pick of cruise lines. Some people may be loyal to Norwegian cruise lines, while others love Princess Cruises, Viking, or Carnival. Ensuring you get to book your adventure using your preferred cruise company is not a problem when departing from Sydney, as they have more than 20 different carriers coming to and departing from the city.

Enjoy Destinations and Ports of Call that are Both Popular and Unique

Another reason why so many people prefer to cruise out of Sydney is that they can choose from a wide variety of destinations and routes that take them to must-see locations. Sydney offers popular cruise destinations such as large crossing destinations to Europe and Asia, to the beautiful beaches of Tahiti and the French Polynesian islands. Cruises from Sydney take passengers to lesser-known tropical beaches that are exotic and not crowded with hundreds of people, to beautiful rugged beaches around New Zealand.

Cruising out of Sydney also provides easy access to places that are normally difficult to reach, or that take an entire day for many travelers to get to. Fiji is a top destination for scuba divers and people who love tropical locations that have avoided being spoiled by industrialization. View pristine reefs, tropical fish in every color of the rainbow, and untouched rainforests when visiting Fiji from Sydney.

Cruising out of Sydney Simply Offers a Better Experience

When you are able to get to your port of departure without having to take multiple flights, and the city offers an adventure in of itself, people are already having an amazing adventure before they even set foot on their cruise. As for the cruise itself, Sydney allows passengers to select their cruise company from a wide variety of options, with numerous destinations and routes to choose from. When cruising from Sydney, people have a broad range of options to customize their experience so that everyone in the family is delighted and ensured to have a marvelous time. Book a trip to Sydney and secure one of the many departing cruises from the city that will give you and your loved ones the adventure of a lifetime.

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