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15 Essential Analytics Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

Tracking and monitoring the performance of everything you do online is the key to success. With this information, you’ll be able to streamline your marketing campaigns, optimise your strategies, spend your budget in the right places as well as increasing your lead conversion and engagement rates. This is just scraping the surface of the many benefits your business can enjoy when it comes to analysing your performance data. However, many marketers consider this task to be time-consuming and long-winded, but it’s nonetheless essential. To help you maximise your opportunities, here is a list of analytical tools and apps to assist you every step of the way.


Whatagraph – Marketing Report Tool

Whatagraph is a tool that automatically converts website and social media metrics into visual reports for a quick performance overview. Create engaging visual reports from over 30 different digital marketing channels – some of which include Google Ads, Facebook, Mailchimp and, Instagram.


5 day free trial. Select the integrations your marketing agency needs and we’ll adjust the price accordingly.

One of the most widely used and trusted analytical tools in the marketing industry, Mixpanel prides itself on being one of the simplest platforms to use, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries. Within the tool, you’ll be able to track your web pages activity and interaction levels, no matter what devices they are using to access your website. Better yet, you won’t have to write any SQL scripts.

Moz Pro

Renowned for being the go-to analytics platforms for marketers and business owners, Moz Pro provides you with exclusive access to a range of tools and apps to help you monitor your SEO ranking as well as suggesting ways to improve while boosting your business’s online presence. Included, you’ll be able to track your keyword densities, your page views as well as external traffic sources.


An all-in-one analytical solution that most marketers couldn’t do their jobs without. The primary benefit of using Kissmetrics is the ability to optimise your marketing strategies. It shows you detailed information on how your users are interacting with your pages. Each click or scroll is recorded as an event. Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to track up to 10 million events simultaneously.

Google Analytics

From the SEO-leading platform, Google provides you with access to their free analytics software platform that enables you to track your website traffic, keyword density, user viewing duration and much more. With seamless integration with the leading Google Adwords, this is an essential tool for marketers around the world.

Paper Fellows

As mentioned, analysing your website and strategies is a time-consuming process, more often than not, leaving you with limited time to create SEO-ready content for your website. Paper Fellows provides you with exclusive access to a database of professional expert writers around the world that can assist you with all your content marketing tasks, making it easy for you to create and deploy high-quality posts, whenever you need them.

Google Search Console

Another entry from the search engine giant, the Google Search Console tool allows you to view statistics on all of your organic website traffic. From the easy to use dashboard, you can simply enter your website URL for information on the number of clicks your site receives as well as a ton of information on your search engine ranking as well as the number of impressions your website receives on the search engine result page. This is essential for keyword research and optimising your strategies.


A technique that many businesses overlook, analysing your competitor’s SEO techniques can enable you to gain valuable insight into strategies that you may not be using as well as the ability to compare your search engine rankings. With this information, you’ll always be able to stay one step ahead. SEMrush allows you to effortlessly analyse their websites and social media pages, gaining information on keyword density in addition to accessing the risk value or certain advert placements.

Big Assignments

Generating and editing your content can be a time-consuming process, eating up your hours, so you’re spending less time on analysing the key areas of your business. Big Assignments grants your access to a plethora of experienced and highly qualified writers that can create, edit and proofread your content to your exact requirements and specifications.


With so many various analytical tools, each with their own essential functions, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that makes it easy to keep everything together in one easy to understand place. Through Cyfe, you’ll be able to track a tonne of data from your website, your social media accounts, your e-commerce stores and any other compatible data source.

Hot Jar

How your users interact with your website is essential to your success. Using a tool such as Hot jar, you’ll be able to generate a heat map that displays your user’s clicks and interactions, showing you the most effective features of your website as well as showing you what you need to improve on. You’ll be able to see where the users scroll and where they stop, allowing you to identify confusing areas of the site, enabling you to optimise these areas for an improved user experience.

State of Writing

Monitoring the performance of your campaign’s content is vital. State of Writing provides you access to experienced and professional writers that can advise you on the best and most effective ways to monitor your content as well as recommending strategies on how to improve your SEO techniques in-line with your analytic data. What’s more, you’ll also gain exclusive access to high-quality proofreading and editing services.

UK Writings

Proofreading and editing your content for your campaign is essential for the reputation, credibility and success of your marketing strategies. UK Writings provides you with access to leading content services that can save you time doing it yourself. This allows you more time to focus on analysing more important areas of your business.


This tool stands for Visual Website Optimizer. Using this platform, you’ll be able to gauge how effective certain techniques and features are on your website, allowing you to easily test how your users will respond to updates and implementations. For example, if you have two buttons, such as ‘Sign up today’ and ‘Create an account with us’, VWO will test which one is more effective, allowing you to easily decide which one to use.


Creating an effective dashboard for all your statistics and analytical data will save you so much time and effort, eliminating the need to switch between apps and tools continuously. With Klipfolio, you’ll be able to choose from a ton of pre-designed templates and link to a wealth of compatible data sources to give you everything you need in one easy and convenient place.


A free and open source alternative to Google Analytics, Piwik allows you to see a load of comprehensive data about your website including traffic sources, browsers, operating system, geographical locations as well as a detailed insight into how users interact with your website. This tool allows you to identify weak spots, allowing you to enhance your websites overall user experience.

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