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Unleash a Gaming Monster with Playster

For unlimited entertainment, try new streaming giant Playster. By subscribing to Playster, you can unleash instant access to millions of books, songs, movies, games and audiobooks, all for a meager monthly fee. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or PC, it doesn’t matter! You can surf Playster from all sorts of devices thanks to its great all-around compatibility.

Subscription Prices

The best value is offered by Playster’s all-in-one subscription, which costs $24.95 per month. Under this comprehensive subscription, users get to enjoy unlimited books, movies, music, games and audiobooks. With just an Internet connection, everything is accessible from the device of your choice and if you save the contents of your library to your device, you will have access to it while being offline too. Playster offers different kinds of subscriptions, thus catering to all of its different users. For example, a book subscription costs just $9.95 per month. Same goes for the music subscription.

Welcome To The Gaming World!

Besides books, music and movies, Playster also lets you play games on both computers and mobile devices. Both Windows and Android users will be rewarded with a vast collection of engaging games, including addictive puzzles and classic arcades. If you are a hardcore gamer, you might find Playster a bit lacking, but if you play to pass the time or to keep yourself entertained, then this app will be ideal for you. On a lazy Sunday afternoon or while commuting to work, you can play games in Playster and enjoy a unique digital experience! Card games, like Mahjong and Blackjack, and arcade throwbacks, including Flappy Bird and Duke Nukem 3D, are just waiting to be played!

Some of the common categories available on both Android and PC are action, adventure and shooting games. The classics, such as Super Breakout, Millipede, Asteroids and Pong, are a star attraction of the Playster platform. If you want to indulge in war games or sports-related games, that option is also available. Racing games and arcades are there too, as are casino games, puzzles, and treasure hunts.


In all, Playster is doing well in catering to casual gamers. The games section of this app has some really good titles, plus it offers users the possibility to get their music, movies, books and audiobooks all in the same place. Playster is quite an affordable and hassle-free option for those who cannot live without entertainment. What’s more, anyone who is curious to learn more about Playster, but is unsure if the service is right for them can follow Playster @PlaysterMedia or try the app for free for 30 days. Really, there’s nothing to lose!

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