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Online Gaming Tips for Newcomers

New gamers are often welcomed by the grumpiest gamers with annoyance. But there are tips which are very helpful to them. There is also so much to consider, so many choices to make and so many games to choose from.

Helpful tips for new gamers

1. Choose a game that you love

As a new gamer, you should avoid listening to random people. You should determine what you love without others telling you whether it is good or bad. Do not ignore a game just because someone else does not like it. Not unless it is generally a bad game which is rarely possible.

You can also read reviews before deciding on a game even though they are just opinions from writers or experts. Professional reviews can also be wrong at times, so you must always keep that in mind.

2. Selecting a platform

To determine the right console or platform, you must consider your taste.  For instance:

  • If you are interested in party games and a single player game plus easy-going, fun and casual games to relax and play, consider getting a Wii U or Wii.
  • If you want to get into shooters while being able to access other games and you prefer a talkative online community, consider an Xbox One or Xbox 360.
  • And if you like single player games with rich narratives and want to also play other games in a quiet community, consider getting a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3.

3. Beware of competitive multiplayer

It is a difficult world out there when it comes to gaming in multiplayer settings. People are so mean. If you do not get enough skills, they will say you that you are not good enough. If you are trying a game for the first time and you have not mastered the design scheme, people will harass you. If you are interested in having fun, in a way people will ruin your fun by a foul match or nasty comments.

However if you know people who are willing to team up with you, consider that. That is the only way to enjoy gaming in multiplayer modes.

4. Don’t get discouraged

People will give you difficult time just because they believe you are not a genuine gamer. You should ignore such people. You might also get discouraged when it comes to playing the game that you have chosen. There are so many games and it is not easy to decide on the one to play. Just choose what you are comfortable with and go with the flow. Everyone begins somewhere and you do not need to be the best right away.

Above all, gaming is supposed to be fun. So if anyone tries to distract your fun, brush them away.


Those are just some of the tips for online gaming newcomers. It is also recommended to speak to people you know. They might give you advice that would really be helpful.

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