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Recruitment from newspapers to software

It is never an easy task to find someone who you would like to work with. It goes for both the recruiters and the potential candidates. As the history suggests, the style or process of recruiting has always been problematic.

The good old days had utilized daily newspapers as a primary source of recruitment, which had its own issues. In today’s inter-connected world of mobile platforms with the power of information right in your palm, albeit important but dated process of recruitment through newspapers, pamphlets and similar options is stifling the process itself as the employment news is least circulated, is available for shorter period, is not cost effective and not neat enough to state the requirements of a vacant position in a lucid manner.

In modern times, we try to solve a problem with application of technology we have. An application software called Recruiting Software comes to rescue. It is a software specifically developed to empower the recruiters in a multiple fields or steps of the process of recruiting by eradicating the known defects and providing an end-to-end solution right from spreading the word to primary screening to interview and finally hiring great people you want to work with.

Both the employers and employees are benefited by the application of Recruiting Software as it grants endless opportunities to a nifty candidate and is highly proficient for recruiters who finally gains unprecedented access to details, profile and information they need to help them decide and finally hire a recruit.

It is an unified platform that makes it really easy for recruiters to track a suitable candidate from numerous applications for multiple positions in various locations of many companies or firms from different online and offline sources, just in a matter for few clicks. Many Recruiting Softwares come with such filters to find a near perfect candidate for a vacant job from the database of applications by using a few keywords.

Even from HR perspective, they can now focus on and directly engage in things like never before as a Recruiting Software as a platform expunges all  the tiresome tasks of sorting out, tracking and managing candidate applications. An individual application by potential recruit is not required to be processed manually which has helped save time, energy, space and loss of vital information. All these resources cost money so the whole process of deploying a Recruiting Software in a given company or firm or organization is cost effective as well. It also leaves ample room for a paperless recruitment process for the recruiters in some of the countries who respect and love green energy owing to the availability.

Recruiting Software is a comprehensive suite that helps in the collaboration of Recruiters with the respective hiring managers and not forgetting the interviewers. All of them can play their role in the chain of process of recruiting as a team in a systematic, unified, informed and organized manner. It is the beauty of recruiting technology that enables any one in the chain to work not only in their office but also on-the-go using the mobile devices for efficiency and more productivity. So, the mobile version or application of Recruiting Software helps everyone involved in the process of recruitment get unlimited access to every detail anytime, anywhere.

It can also help curb discriminatory practices and/or paid reference at lower level or initial stages of the process of recruitment. Recruitment Software is smart enough but it does what it is asked to. It can be an effective way to voluntary promote anti-discriminatory policy in a firm, organization or a company or a strict tool to comply with local laws and rules. No talented candidate would be denied a position provided that his application meets the requirement of a vacant job. It can also help authorities check any foul play in the process, if any. It would certainly help prevent voluntary suppression of a good candidate and unnecessary referral of a bad candidate which prevailed at lower levels until now.

A modern recruitment software performs a variety of tasks and let us discuss some of the core functions and features of a recruiting software.

  • It is an applicant database and tracking system. It performs assessment of various applications from the database as per the needs of a vacant job for a particular organization, firm or a company. It can automate tasks like background verification by interacting in the background with different authorities and their systems. It is an effective communication tool and helps a recruiter converse with a candidate using various protocols right from software window.
  • Recruiting Software also help a recruiter deploy a professional career site or web-page as required without much or any technical knowledge. It helps an employer as they do not have to go through the cumbersome process of posting a job on various job boards both online and offline. As the information is automatically seeded to various job boards in a matter of seconds if required.
  • As read before, it can be a true friend in voluntary and mandatory compliance of local laws and rules without an employer going through it on individual basis. It can also help government deploy policies efficiently if required.
  • You are not hiring? A recruitment software also enables you to refer a great talent to some workplace who needs them with candidate/employee referrals programs.
  • Also functions as Collaboration Suite with different teams and their respective managers and the recruiter, makes internal discussions and exchange of reports etc an extremely prompt and easy task to perform. Use of this platform on mobile do not break any links between the teams even on-the-go. It is mostly easy to adopt and learn as it comes with simple and interactive GUI.
  • Avails automation of various tasks related to reporting, marketing, management and analysis in the whole process of recruitment right from the submission of the application by a potential candidate to initial approvals and hiring. It helps a recruiter overview it all under a single platform instead of querying for particular details every now and then.
  • Brings performance and effectiveness. It surely improves the performance of recruitment by saving a lot of resources including time, space, loss of vital information. The Software matches a great candidate from the available applications in database for a vacancy effectively, which helps a recruiter hire talent they actually could put to use in a long run.
  • Sourcing, seeding and proper outreach is a must-have. It is the very essence of a recruiting software to see that efforts are being made in sourcing, generous seeding of a particular vacant position and their respective job applications. It is an inevitable function of such a software to avoid situations where any application by a potent, talented candidate goes in vain whether it is during the submission of a job application or owing to lack of reach to the targeted audience.
  • Planning, is an important core function too. A software much be proficient enough to help a recruiter, hiring managers or other teams involved in putting out graphical charts and reports concerning any issues or fallacies in the system. It should also be equipped easy to use interface with tools to plan activities related to recruits or recruitment.
  • Talent Management, is yet function of a recruiting software. Finding good talent and great people to work with is never enough. You need to put their talents to use and find good opportunities for them to work. A software must be able to automatically identify positions for a given talent to help improve the growth and process of a particular department even post-recruitment. In addition, there are platforms and coding tools to assess developers’ programming knowledge, especially if you’re hiring remote web developers.

With all the above said features and core functions, a modern Recruiting Software is not only effective, organized and systematic platform for a recruiter and others but also benefits a candidate as it saves time, resources, money and provides an unique experience to both. Hence, in today’s world it has dethroned newspapers as the primary source of recruitment.

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