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Can SEO Be Automated? If so How?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an immense part of satisfying user intent which includes keyword research, competitor analyzes and more. Automatic SEO used to be the hyp word of the pre-Google era when applications like Web Position Gold used to recommend changes to the website based on keyword density and the number of meta tags used by its competition. However, now with Google’s algorithms that keep updating consistently and evolving marketing techniques, it is essential to pay attention to many things, such as social media marketing and search engine optimization. According to RedTim it would be a safe bet to say that SEO is the most powerful way to generate targeted traffic to your website. Many SAAS based companies are offering SEO solutions that may identify what the competition is doing and the possible flaws in their strategy. These tools even give you recommendations for on-page and off-page optimizations that can help you to increase your sales. However, can the entire process of SEO be automated? Alternatively, is Automatic SEO just a quick-fix SEO which is a human-powered method built upon an exact copy, consistent semantics, social tagging and sentiment analysis that brings about the right links and coverage? Let’s dig deeper.

What can you automate?

Automation of Link Management

Tracking and monitoring each site that links to your website can be both time-consuming and a tedious job. It’s best when left to automation. It is practically not possible to monitor all of your backlinks without some form of automation. There are a couple of tools that run a series of tests to determine how many backlinks are pointing to your website. They also provide you with additional information such as Page Rank of the backlink source, anchor text used, and any potential flags for each link. However, the best practice to get quality backlinks is to create relevant and useful content that would encourage people to link back.

Automation of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization automation is available through solutions like RedTim. RedTim websites provide plug and play solutions built on Automatic SEO technology. Search engines recognize your website based on the keywords used in your content and your location. The RedTim website generates a unique SEO- friendly URL based on your keywords and tags it to your business location every time you publish new content. Essentially; it means that all your web pages on a RedTim website are optimized for local visibility of your business in search results for relevant people.

Automation of Site Audits

If you employ some to fix broken links, meta content or the keyword density of your website, it can get time-consuming. Automation can be much quicker and more comfortable than a manual effort. However, experienced optimizers would be the right person to analyze the report and make necessary changes based on the insights.

Where do you need human touch?

Creation of Content

Sure, these tools can give you recommendations and content briefs based on your keywords and content analyzes. However, ultimately you are the one who knows your business best. Use these insights from all the reports and create content that would talk about your business and which is both useful and relevant to your audience.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

Who knows your customers better? You or the tool? Well, definitely you. Based on your experience and knowledge plan, gather data on the target audience, and build a customized marketing plan that would drive the local audience to your website.

Overseeing Projects

No matter how many tools you integrate, ultimately it is your business. Your business is your baby, and it needs your supervision. Create a plan with a mixture of both manual and automated SEO. Regardless of automate or not, always track, follow-up and follows through until successful completion of all the projects – you can’t afford to go wrong, as one mistake can cost you a customer. You can also read my latest blog on A Beautiful Website is useless if it does not rank in Google.

The bottom line

SEO can be automated, but Manual SEO is still irreplaceable. Both both Manual and Traditional SEO for your benefit to create both useful and relevant content. Ultimately, it’s only the content you publish on your website which would primarily decide your search results ranking. Use the tools and reports that are available to create content that website visitors actually want to see.

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