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4 Mind-Blowing Things You Can Do With Augmented Reality!

Every youngster has a craze for gaming, in fact, an obsession and when it comes to augmented reality everyone is familiar with Pokémon Go. So what is this augmented reality and why everyone going crazy about it?

Well if you are a gaming person you want to explore your imagination more, and experiencing reality in gaming, well that’s kind of interesting in hearing, that’s what exactly happens in augmented reality. You can experience your own gaming character live.

Imagine if you can see, feel, hear more in gaming. Sounds wonderful right? Obviously, it sounds fantastic. Since the programming of augmented reality is easier than ever amateur computer student can also develop the augmented reality programs and applications with just basic instructions and guidance.

Picture Courtesy Microsoft Augmented Reality

Let me tell you about this futuristic mind-blowing technology and things you can do augmented reality. There is some wonderful application in android and IOS technologies where anyone can experience the augment reality e.g. like Pokémon go, ink hunter (the tattoo maker), Mikasa for styling your interior. So how does this AR technology works?

Well, Virtual reality sounds like AR but that’s a different technology it requires the engagement in a virtual environment where as the AR technology overlay on 3rd dimension object over the actual world and seems like the object is in front of you.

This technology offers many futuristic opportunities in many fields like education, traveling and tourism, medical, communication, video gaming technology, moving and decorating your home, customer services etc.

1. Education

The AR can be great in home or classroom, teaching the subject of history which is quite boring for everyone now you can make a short trip through augmented reality. You can visit the Great Wall of China or leaning tower of Pisa in your classroom, this technology will make the education more fun and interesting.

Or you want to experience the Jurassic Park and a dinosaur in your school while teaching the kids about the extinct mighty animals walked on Earth billion years ago. With the technology of augmented reality, you can make it possible virtually.

Picture courtesy eye candy animations

2. Video Gaming

Have you ever wonder landing the rocket in your room, the solar system in front of you? The augmented reality the gaming future, Microsoft recently developed the more advanced technology of more realistic augmented reality gaming gear.

The HoloLens which is the much smoother experience of AR space around you. The headset is far more advanced than any other gear in the market; the player can talk, experience the surrounding and manipulate a virtual object through HoloLens.

Picture Courtesy Hololens Gear

3. Moving And Decorating Your Home

There is no worse experience buying furniture and when it delivers it cannot fit in your room. If you are planning to change your interior of the house, augmented reality can help you in deciding the color scheme, furniture interior each and every detail. For example application like Amikasa which give you the option to design your home according to your taste.

4.Traveling And Tourism

If you are a travel freak and want to visit The Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal with your loved ones, but you want to spend a lot of money on expensive traveling. Augment reality can bring those monuments at your door steps. With the AR technology, you can visit and build virtually in your backyard or over your roof these wonderful monuments.


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Priscilla Ellie is a Co- founder of a medical Startup and an expert in Medical Technology. She is also a member of the team of subject matter experts at Assignment Corp In UK. She has done Masters in immersive technology.

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