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Enjoy An Engulfing Experience Through Virtual Reality With Immersive Advertisements

Artificial reality is a realistic environment generated by a computer which uses special headsets to create realistic images and sounds and can be interacted with a person. The right combination of hardware, software and sensory information will result in attaining a sense of presence. This is a situation in which the subject feels that he is present in that environment. What will simulated 3-d environment mean for advertisers?  It will permit advertisers to provide fantastic, immersive 360-degree advertisements to consumers. These commercials are capable of conveying full stories and immerse the customers in the brand’s world. Many marketing officers feel that it can create a revolution in the world of marketing.

Applications of virtual reality

Utilizing information technology, VR is implemented. There are many systems utilized for this objective, like headsets, special treadmills, and unique gloves. All of these are needed for the stimulation of our senses and finally to build a delusion of reality. The applications of VR include the following:

  • Entertainment
  • Architecture
  • Sport
  • Medicine

VR in advertisements

  • Simulated 3-d environment used to be part of science fiction. But now the story is different. Now it has become part of reality. The exceptional quality of mobile phones has paved the way for VR experience for all. With cardboard headsets, the smart phones can be changed into virtual reality headsets.
  • Even with films, your presence is not there. However, VR is different. You are there with simulated 3-d environment. Shortly you will enjoy a chance to visit the beautiful places around the world from the comforts of your home or secure a coveted place during NBA finals.
  • Creators are trying to incorporate transportive experiences across sports, education, and news. Viewers can feel butterfly sensation in their stomach when they are sitting in the cockpit of an airplane.
  • The different brands are utilizing 360 degrees for advertisements. Various automobile industries are using this and bringing an element of creativity in the advertising world. In VR the viewer can move around freely at will.
  • VR takes video experience to the next level. When combined with a VR headset the images become three-dimensional. The videos are shot with special cameras. The feeling of immersive news arises. The spatial audio permits people to listen to audio from all directions.

Great opportunity to connect with consumers

All the brands should start caring about advertising in PR. This is an excellent opportunity to establish the connection with customers. The viewers will be entirely focused on messages portrayed by the brands. They will be totally immersed in content without any distractions. The consumers can have a better feel about the products being offered. Emotional messages can be conveyed with VR which can leave a long lasting impact.

Next big advertising medium

While VR advertising is in its infancy state, it is growing. Virtual reality is compared to an expensive toy today. Not many people are aware of its existence. It is gaining its stronghold slowly. However, advertisers are visualizing endless possibilities and are hoping to reach a broad customer base with commercial messages. Several agencies and advertising gurus have already made predictions that it is going to be the next big advertising medium.  It is going to be soon that companies will start adopting this new aspect.

Cost reduction expected in future

According to the marketers, these ad units will ultimately lead the viewers out of the theater setting and expose them to an even more immersive experience and then to teleport them back when the ad is over. A lot of scopes are there for creativity. With the advancement of technology, the costs are going to reduce, and this will ensure accessibility to all.


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