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Some Awesome Gadgets For Teachers That They Should Buy

Just like learning is an art, teaching is an art too. There are many ways to teach and only the smart teachers know which teaching methodology casts a spell on his/her students. The usage of gadgets is one such teaching methodology that usually help students learn in an effective way. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some awesome gadgets that will serve as a teaching aid for teachers. Have a look:

Trust Wireless Presenter 16661

There was a time when teachers had to stick to the chalkboard or whiteboard while delivering a presentation, but after the advent of wireless presenters, the process of delivering a presentation has become really easy. Now teachers can freely around the room while executing a presentation. They can easily hold this laser pointer in their one hand while controlling the clicks through their index finger. They can rest their thumb on a trackball on the top a device. It is so awesome that it liberates you from the effort of buying any accompanying software since you can interact wirelessly just by pressing connect on the USB receiver. It has a power saving technology that prolongs it battery life. It has four buttons to control your slide show: black screen, slide forward/back, and Start/end slideshow. It has buttons and directional pad that serve as a mouse and help you control your home theatre PC, media player remotely. It is a compact wireless presenter that has a range up to ten meters and 2.4 GHz wireless operation. It can be ordered easily from Amazon for £57.25 (US $89; AUD $122).

iPad Air 2

Are you are one of those teachers whose students clobber them in terms of possessing high-tech products? If yes, then you have to level yourself up. You have to make yourself aware of the latest gadgets so that you can easily crank it up. And with iPad Air 2, it is easily possible. It lets you get rid of an infamously stressful and hectic environment by providing you some top-shelf tech. With the passage of time, Apple has upped its game by bringing stellar tablets and phones. iPad Air 2 is one of those tablets that have a better LCD screen, and ofcourse, a slim body–an infamous hallmark of Apple. It has a gorgeous 9.7-inch Retina display and a 6.1 mm thin design. It weighs not more than 0.96 pounds. It is portable and has iSight and FaceTime HD camera, 64-bit desktop-class architecture, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, A8X chip and a long battery life. It doesn’t let you wobble from the realm of your budget. It costs not more than the lesser tablet models. You can snag iPad Air 2 16 Gb for $499 (£320; AUD $683).

Wacom Inkling

It is a very important part of learning as well as teaching to take notes whenever you learn something new. Keeping this need in view, Wacom has developed a digital sketching tool that lets you write or draw on any kind of papery surface and then transfer it onto your Mac directly. This is one of the greatest gifts of this digital age. It gives a liberty to artists to etch their thoughts whenever they want. Since it features a ballpoint nib so now giving way to artistic renderings has become an interesting task. Therefore, if you want to draw or take notes in an easier way, you can snag your own Wacom Inkling frrom Amazon for $80.


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