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5 Primary skills every Web Developer should have

Website Development isn’t just about spewing code – it’s about helping to build and create the digital world. So, what other skills do you need to have in order to make sure you’re a developer that thrives in whatever direction web development goes in the future?

Web developer should have some primary skills to perform well and stick ahead in the market, they are listed below:

Skill 1. Must have updated coding knowledge

At least know one or two server-side programming languages. The bare minimum in my opinion is knowing one server-side language really well. Well enough you can mostly get by without needing to ask questions on Stack Overflow every 5 minutes. Most developers start out learning PHP and then either choose Python or Rails through a framework most of the time. PHP is a rare language in that most newbies exposure to it is through the language first and then a framework.

Skill 2. Accessibility

Developers must be able to write code that is flexible enough to be used in different ways. Search engines and screen readers for the blind are two examples of machines interpreting your code. Sites that are heavy with Flash or foreground images for UI tend to struggle here.

Accessibility at it’s core is really about usability. Can the user use your product? Web developers must know about any obstacles between the user and the product to better design it. Is the product usable on small screens like mobile devices or even older monitors? Do users know to click on a particular button to continue to the next page or is the page difficult to understand?

How about users with images, cookies, or JavaScript disabled? What if they’re just using a really old version of a browser? What do you do for them?

Know your user, set limits to what you will and will not support, implement a cross-compatible solution, and test thoroughly.

Skill 3. Testing

All web developers must be able to test their code in multiple browsers. It’s easy to test for our own personal browser of choice and ignore the rest, but the web is about diversity and the browser landscape is very diverse.

Don’t build something if you’re not prepared to make sure it works properly. You need to be an excellent problem solver as well as good at debugging code. We like to think of it as paying close attention to the little things.

Another important part of testing is that sometimes it takes you outside the code. Be able to problem solve for issues that deal with usability and user experience.

JavaScript testing also falls under this category. Developers must use tools to detect and debug scripting errors. Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer all come with built-in developer tools that allow you to step through JavaScript and execute code in an interactive console. Firefox has limited native support for this, but the Firebug plugin is the de facto standard.

If you are going to write code, you must be prepared to make sure that it works.

Skill 4. Security

I leave security for last, but really it’s a top priority. Every web developer must understand how malicious people can use their product to attack the site or other even other users. This is the number one priority for any web developer, the capability to design websites that are not only functional, but are safe from the maliciousness that exists on the Internet. Competent web developers have a deep understanding of the security concerns involved with the Internet and knowledge of basic and advanced protection of the web sites they produce. Hackers are constantly refining their skills and thus, any web developer worth their weight must be constantly on guard and improving their defense talents.

If the web developer has skill #1, they should be familiar with the security concerns of the industry and common defenses.

Skill 5. Passionate & Knowledgable

Web design is not necessarily a glamorous task; it is often tedious and frustrating. Therefore, having a love for this job is needed to thrive as a professional web designer. Though it doesn’t have to consume every waking moment, but if one doesn’t dream of code at least a couple times per week or sit up in bed suddenly with a new idea every once in a while, web design may not be a smart choice. Motivation to learn, solve problems and push your abilities to the limits on a daily basis is essential for success in any profession. It will push a web designer through the bumps in the road, the bad days and rough weeks and keep coming back for another late night session.

Some may place this first, as it could be considered the entry point to being a web designer, but without any of the above skills, all the knowledge in the world may not necessarily lead to success. Not to say competency of a variety of coding platforms and strategies isn’t essential, it is. Obviously an effective web developer must be able to write syntactically valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They must know how to test their code as anyone willing to write code must be willing to check its validity. This testing must also occur on multiple browsers, not just the programmer’s favorite, as again, the most important aspect of any web developer’s product is usability. Again, knowledge of technical skills is significant to any web developer, but they only get one in the door. What they do with those skills is what separates the successful designers from those wishing they were.

Among all the given skills, web developers should have one on-demand SEO friendly website development skill. One non-expertise that I think merits acknowledgment on this rundown is inspiration. Web designers ought to be energetic about what they do and never quit adapting more. Perused those online journals, get a couple of more elevated amount books, and go to the systems administration occasions like meetings and nearby meetups. Endeavor to take in more, enhance abilities, and instruct others.

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