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How to buy your first drone in 2017 [Infographic]

So many things have changed in 2016 when it comes to drone technology and I think we all need an update.

There are so many options to pick from these days, in case you want to buy a drone, that some of you might even get overwhelmed.

Paul Archer from made this beginner drone infographic guide as a visual guide to the main points you should look for when buying your first one.

You may have heard about the very popular Phantom series drones, or even the game changing “Mavic Pro” quadcopter that can fold itself and almost fit in your pocket.

This being said, current technology made drones smaller, faster, with more proximity sensors and better cameras.

But this is not a guide for buying an expensive drone only. Although it applies to every flying gadget out there, this is specifically dedicated to those who want to buy their first one, either for them to try or as a gift to a kid.

Buying a cheaper one before the expensive DJI Product might be a good idea, as you probably don’t want to lift a $1000+ drone in the air without knowing the basics of piloting.

The main points emphasized in the infographic below are:

  • Battery life – Very important if you want to have fun for enough time to feel satisfied (there’s also the option to buy more batteries).
  • Safety – Super important when we’re talking about first time fliers.
  • Speed – We wouldn’t want you to pilot an air snail… One must have his share of fun!
  • Portability – Size also affects resistance to wind and places you can fly in, besides portability.

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