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Find Out the Untapped Business Features for Your Website

With the passage of time, most of the small businesses are also coming in the queue of making an online presence. You can see that there are so many new websites coming online and giving nice quality. Since every nation has thousands of small businesses in every field and they have a good local market so by making an online presence can uplift their sales. Though creating a website for every small business is not an easy task, as there is so much technical knowledge is required along with it, what important features can let them gain popularity and make favourite among people aren’t in their mind. So, we are presenting 15 interesting and important small business website features that you can need or should have on your website.

  • Web Hosting:

It is an essential factor while creating a site since a good, fast and reliable web hosting can increase your customers or decrease due to speed, security, backup options. Choose the web host that offers you free automatic monthly backup or daily backup, provides you security from web malware & hacks. You will also get SiteGround discount over the internet.  Good user interface cPanel along and 24/7 hours’ customer support via phone call, live chat, email ticketing are also some important elements of Web hosting, by keeping these all important elements in mind, purchase a good hosting at reasonable rates.

  • Domain Name, Professional Logo, and Tagline:

Domain names play a crucial role in the website, as the name is the representative of your services in the web world. Thus, buy a domain that is crispy, short, catchy and that can represent your business. Once you’ve purchased domain name then make a professional and polished logo for your website. You must have observed it that whenever you hear “Think Different” your mind may show an image of Apple company or whenever you hear “I’m Lovin’ It” an image of McDonald’s comes into mind, why it is so? Because these lines are the tag lines of these companies and they have made it so popular that whenever you hear it, it reminds you of its company of business. Thus, next the thing you need to is to create a catchy and interesting tagline for your website.

  • Phone Number, Email Address:

Every business should have a communication way with distributors, customers or suppliers. When you give your customer phone number of an email address, people start contacting you through this communication way to know about your services or to buy things. Let your users believe in you by putting this information online. The email address should include your company’s web address so that it looks professional and reliable.

  1. CTA (Call to Action) button:If you are selling anything, then don’t forget to add a CTA (Call to Action) button on your website, so that the users can call you in case they have any doubt about the product or for any query. You can mention your business work hours that this is the specific time during which customers can call you.
  2. Engaging Video: You can add some videos on your specific products of services if you feel that customers would like to know about it through videos.
  3. Social Media Icons: It is a good idea these days to make anything viral. Suppose you have given some discount on any product or service then people would like to share this information with their friends, colleagues, and relatives, there this social media sharing button plays a significant role. These days making things viral is made easy through social media share icons. You should also put social media buttons of your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin, etc.
  4. Accurate and quality content: Make sure the content which is available on your website is accurate and error free content, because if there is some grammatical or spelling mistake then it can make down your reputation since it looks unprofessional. Content shouldn’t be pointless.
  5. Simple, Modern, Attractive Design:Leave the heavy or old bad designs in the past, use simple, light, modern and attractive designs. Let the user experience a new world in the design of your website. Clean font with readability size should be on site. The links which are provided on the site must be clearly visible and easily recognizable.
  6. Responsive Website: You must have seen that the whole world is suffering the internet on their smartphones. Most of the youth and people are addicted to smartphones, tablets. PCs, laptops have become some old devices. Therefore, the website should have a responsive look which can easily open on PC, laptop, tablet and on a smartphone. Mobile-friendly websites are considered in a positive list according to Google. Use hamburger Menu on your mobile websites so that the readers can see more of the content on the small screen.As the technology changes, new improvements are also necessary for ever field including websites.
  7. Navigation at the Top: Simple, clear navigation is an important aspect of small business websites. You can’t forget that the Top Navigation is crucial when it comes to the user’s experience. It is also considered as the best practices for SEO and usability.Breadcrumb navigation is also an important element to consider.
  8. CustomerTestimonials and Reviews:Adding the Customer Testimonials and reviews creates a faith in the new user. The one who never tried your products or services is at the door of your company so why would he/she purchase anything from you? A new user can trust you only on one condition that the customer testimonials or reviews seem genuine and positive about your services and products.Never forget to add customer reviews, if you are selling anything.
  9. Blog Page: Every business should have a Blog page since it has several benefits including converting traffic into leads, driving long-term results, establishing authority, and driving traffic to your website. The Blog page should be updated on regular basis. Including catchy titles, subtitles, and 2-3 internal links make a blog page powerful in the eye of Google. Blog page should be SEO friendly.
  10. Add Google Map: Adding a Google Map to on your website can give you a lead in winning the competition. It makes it easy for the visitor to reach your company without any trouble by using Google Maps.
  11. About Us page, Privacy Policy page, and FAQ Page: Three pages play an important role on your website, there is no such business or any other website that doesn’t have ‘About Us’ page. All the websites contain these three pages including About Us, Privacy Policy, and FAQ Page. About Us page gives a brief introduction to you and your business. Privacy Policy page contains details about the procedures and the views of the company on collected information from the visitors. It’s a kind of legal documents. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page is a crucial page for customers, they can read the questions and answers about their queries and doubts on this page.
  12. Sign Up Form: Your regular customers can make an account on your website through Sign up form and they can track their history of orders and details of the products that they have purchased or wished to add. By letting your users sign up for the newsletter is a good option for email marketing, they can receive emails from you about new offers, new products, and deals.

Final Words:

Above mentioned 15 important small business website features are essential for you to keep in mind while creating a website as it plays a significant role in it. Unfortunately, many business owners miss some of these elements of their sites. Spend your valuable time and money in a rich content, SEO-friendly, responsive website. After adding these 15 features, you enhance the look and quality of your web presence.

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