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5 Hacks to Maximize Your Ad Spend on Mobile Apps this Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner. For game publishers and mobile apps developers, it is a high time to make the most out of their mobile application. Holidays brings in some plenty of leisure with them, thus, gaming traffic soars. Gaming companies experienced a huge spike in downloads and in-app purchases over this period.

As per the software giant Apple, consumers spent a total of $1.1 billion on in-apps purchases over the last year holidays. This certainly is due to the fact that people tend to spend more time with their smartphones in their leisure. Be it home, traveling or at a party, mobile devices are the best companion and are loaded with apps to eradicate boredom.


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Well, it is now proven that mobile apps (especially games) retention increases in holidays, let’s discuss how a game publisher can maximize from ads without annoying its users.

  1. Get Insanely Creative with Your Creative Department:

Games are to be interactive, appealing, enticing and creative enough to engage their audiences. Seasonally tweaking visuals in games helps to capture necessary attention and boost user engagement during the holiday season. Ensure that you maximize the conversion rate by updating in-app ads and graphics.

A small tweak can help you capture user attention for a longer period of time. Seasonal creativity and offers will also keep them waiting for the next upcoming venture.

  1. Capitalize Organic Downloads:

Game publishers having fewer budgets to burn on the special leisure days consider to spend more on the days leading to a holiday or a special event this way, they capture more organic downloads. For iOS based mobile applications it is critically important to have a number of organic installs. UA managers should continue their savvy approach to reducing their ad spend on one specific day or event.

Strategically timed spending hereby ends up in more fruitful results than any other.

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  1. Never Underestimate Competition:

It should not be a surprise; your competition is what keeps you going. As one brand ramp its ad spending on a mobile app, gaming UA managers should introduce competitive bids in front of the right set of users. As holiday season, will drive an astounding spike of downloads and traffic, the big fish spending a larger percentage will have the larger piece of the pie.

It is noticed that Facebook and other digital promotional platforms become exceedingly expensive, you should look for other cheap channels to promote your mobile apps. You can always consult a mobile app developers to have your own customized mobile app.

  1. Focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Key Metrics:

It looks quite fascinating to have such outstanding results but beware not to get carried away during this season. Mobile app UA managers should work with their ad partners closely in order to spend reasonable ROAS targets. They should analyses which traffic source is providing the best ROAS to stay ready to invest more when holidays hit up.

  1. Remember Key Dates:

Keep yourself updated with what’s happening around you. Key dates such as Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas are found out to be the sole reason to have biggest spikes in Traffic and in-app purchases and app downloads.

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Adopt the right strategy for the holiday season, it is one of the great ways to give your application a head-start. UA managers should make sure that they exploit the most of these holidays and key events.

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