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5 Certifications to boost your career and salary instantly

Who doesn’t love an instant salary hike? Everyone, especially when it is substantial. Professionals work for two major reasons – Job Satisfaction and Money. Though money is not everything, however it is one of the important factors that drive the job decisions across the industries. The pay package is initially decided on the basis of person’s qualification and job responsibilities, but later in the career it would be decided on the basis of the value you add to your company. To add more value to your job, you will have to undergo regular upgradation of knowledge and expertise, so that you work towards the growth of your company and also your job.


To make it possible, here are the 5 important certifications that you can take up to upgrade your career for an instant salary boost.

  • Big Data Analytics

It works as the important tool to identify the information vital for the business and also organize it well for future application. This is used to collect, organize, and analyze the crucial data for the company. The main advantage of using big data is its capability of handling big size data with ease. Big Data Analytics is important for all types of businesses, whether big or small as it answers many business questions and also finds the ways of expansion. Certification in Big Data would make any professional an asset for the organization as he may work towards addressing various business queries by analyzing the information available in the form of extensive data.

  • TOGAF – The Open Group Architecture Framework

This is one of the prestigious certifications issued to Enterprise Architect. Even the Fortune 500 companies are always in the search of the professionals with this certification. It is documented framework that is used to simplify the complex tools used in enterprise architecture. Enterprise Architects with TOGAF certification are being paid substantially higher compared to their counterparts. Enterprise architecture is the future of any organization that wants to flourish and expand to the new horizons.


  • ITIL

ITIL stands for the practices that assure alignment of various IT services with the organization. This was first created by the government of England in order to develop standardized approach in the field of IT management. It takes care of almost all areas of IT management. The term ITIL also stands for IT Infrastructure Library. The salary hike or growth prospects will depend on the level of certification. One would be required to opt for ITIL Foundation Level Certification before going for the higher level certifications in order to understand the terminology and basics of ITIL.

  • Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)

CCDP is the professional level certification. It ranks higher than the entry level certification and would be ideal for the senior level architects involved in designing advanced services and network topologies. In order to attain this certification, one would require CCNP certification in Routing and Switching. This certification consists of three exams, out of which one is focused on network architecture while other two are based on routing and switching. This is one of the highly valued CISCO certifications including both designing and implementation. It validates the expertise in designing the network topology by making the optimal use of protocols for secure and effective coverage. The networking professionals can take up this certification to take the shortcut to senior level.

  • CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Routing and Switching

This is one of the highest paying CISCO certifications that mainly targets the network designers and architects. The certification is one of the most prestigious CISCO certifications as the number of professionals holding this certification globally is very less. Again not all having this certification are qualified for the recertification. One has to qualify in the written exam followed by 8 hour practical exam in CCIE lab. There are only few CCIE labs located globally, which makes achieving this certification even more difficult.

The growth in career is not based on mere luck, there are many other factors that together decide the growth path of the professional. Constant upgradation of knowledge and skills would be one of the major factors responsible for your career growth that would further result into salary hike. Take the advantage of these professional certifications offered by the software giants to master the latest IT tools and protocols for optimal use.

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