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8 Most Useful Apps To Enhance Productivity And Efficiency In The Classroom

The meaning of classroom teaching has been greatly influenced by technology in the past few years. What previously was taught verbally only now can be efficiently explained through apps and multimedia. Not just the teaching process and mode of feedback but the communication between teachers, students and parents has also evolved.

It is not surprising that how iPad has become a necessity along with textbooks for students to carry school. There are many ways in which you can integrate iPad into your classroom to teach efficiently and making it a lot more productive. Some of the most common classroom apps include:

Class Manager

Sometimes, mismanagement makes you forget important deadlines and submission dates. This app helps you organize and remember everything that you need for performing good in your classroom. All you need is to enter details about your class schedules and assignment deadlines, and leave the reminding work up to this app. You can also get professional help and tutoring by simply clicking the ‘Get Help’ button.

Class Timetable

It is by far the most user-friendly and convenient app for students to keep a track of their classes and homework. Its color filled interface gives this app a bright and attractive look. You can swipe right and left to see what is coming up next in your schedule. Besides keeping track of the homework, this app helps you increase productivity and efficiency by timetable export, class notifications and task reminders.

iStudiez Pro

The best college student app 2011, iStudiez Pro app is a must have for every student out there. Arranging assignments, planning homework and tracking deadlines have become easier than ever with this amazing app. The unique feature of this app is that you can keep a track on your GPA as well. iStudiez Pro also guards your data by sending you all the back-up data through e-mail if your device stops functioning properly.


This app is a classroom responder system and regulates teacher-student interaction. This reasonably priced app does not require network connection. By using this app, teachers can speed up and enhance quick question and answer sessions, and they can also check progress of each student within minutes.

Grade It

It is a life saver app for teachers. It helps teachers in calculating percentages and also e-mailing them to other teachers. This way, the teachers can not only grade and disclose results quickly in class but save time for other productive classroom activities as well.


DropBox makes your life easy by letting you share and save files, videos, pictures and data anytime and from anywhere you want to. This app helps students to carry all their important notes to the classroom without any excess weight. The best thing about this app is that it is accessible from iPad, iPhone, android phone and even from the DropBox website through your laptop.


Just like a pin board above the working desk that was used years ago, Evernote is for the generation that has replaced a work desk with laptops and iPad. This modern workplace is available on Android and App Store. This app is equally useful for teachers and students as it provides huge space for collecting notes, saving web articles, saving videos and images for completion of assignments and presentations.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides a huge space for storing notes and lectures which is particularly useful for teachers who find it tough to sort out and carry different sets of notes every day for taking classes. Google Drive is absolutely free and easily accessible through any device and anywhere. By keeping important lectures stored on Google Drive, teachers can make sure that no lecture is ever missed in the classroom.

While these are the most common and popular ones, there are many other free and paid apps also that you can use to make your classroom teaching-learning experience more productive.


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