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Futuristic Personal Transportation Concepts

Transportation is a hugely important thing, when it comes to considering what the future will look like. Perhaps the most prominent differences in sci-fi movies, vehicles of today have undergone a ton of predictions, as to what the future of transportation might be holding for us. In this article, we will discuss the future of personal transportation, as well as explore how close we are today, to the technology of tomorrow. Awake your inner child and satiate the hunger for sci-fi, your young self used to have.

Flying Cars



Ever since the dawn of sci-fi movies, people have imagined futuristic megalopolises swarmed with flying cars. Although we’re far from achieving this today, the question remains: is this idea really that nonsensical? Well, although the technology for making a flying car may exist, there are still issues to be addressed, such as: how loud would this vehicle be?; how difficult would it be to drive (fly)?; who would regulate air traffic laws, what with everyone flying between the skyscrapers. Well, although the world might not be all that close to this type of an innovative technology, the fact remains that people would much prefer flying to rush hours and the like.

Lightweight Cars


The main reason behind a Hummer, for instance, being a gas-guzzler is outlined in the fact that it is somewhat heavy. In order to move a vehicle, its motor has to be able to account for a lot of weight, using its strength and gasoline. Gasoline, however, as we all know it, is getting increasingly difficult to obtain, so the future of transportation might be outlined in making vehicles lighter. Additionally, the electric power is slowly becoming a common thing on the road nowadays, and these engines can benefit greatly from a weight relief. Now these futuristic vehicles, unlike the flying car, are more than makeable; in fact, there are many prototypes out there that brag that they’ve found the cure to our planet’s reckless gas guzzling. Unfortunately, people are not ready/aware enough to step into their responsible shoes and sacrifice their vehicles’ beauty for functionality and common sense. Regardless of this, there are, in fact, a couple of lightweight car concepts out there that truly do look neat.



Well, if you can’t fly to your work, why not try the next best thing – hovering!? Although hovercrafts are an age-old technology, you don’t see too many people hovering to their work. Well, smaller, personal airboards do exist, although this toy does cost a tad too much for, well, a toy: the Arbortech AirBoard weighs a whopping $14,000 on the financial scales. The device owes its hefty price to the fact that the scientists had to put the hugely spatially demanding hovercraft engine, into something no larger than 2 meters in diameter. With this clever invention, however, you’ll feel like you’re riding a really loud jet engine – although no faster than 20 mph. If you don’t feel like coughing up that much dough, yet feel strangely attracted to the concept of wicked, funny means of transport, perhaps refer to the hoverboard Segway, which can allow you to travel up to 20km on a single charge. We’ve tried this Segway and we can assure you that it requires virtually no skill to commandeer. The battery takes 2-3 hours to recharge, which is surprisingly quick, seeing as how the hoverboard Segway can travel quite a distance on a single charge.

Although some concepts in this article are truly difficult to imagine happening any time soon, others are more than perceivable – some even obtainable as we speak. In any case, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this blabber into what’s to potentially come.

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