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Big Screen Breaks [Infographic]

Writing reviews has become part and parcel of our lifestyles. We write them to voice our opinions, good or bad, about our experiences. Businesses use them to improve the services and facilities they offer, and while good reviews encourage us to try the services, products and facilities for ourselves, bad reviews have a tendency to make us think twice and maybe look elsewhere.

So, it is little wonder that within the hotel business reviews play a huge part in their success, or indeed failure. Hotels will add both good and bad reviews for potential guests to read, after all no one trusts all positive reviews.

This infographic takes a light-hearted look at some famous hotels from the movie screen and created hypothetical reviews from some of the guests that have spent a night or more in them. The infographic includes an overview of the hotel amenities, along with nearby attractions and places of interest in a similar way that genuine hotels do.

After reading a review from the Hitchcock film Physco you may be inclined to add the Bates Hotel to your holiday itinerary, little would you know what is in store when you step into the shower. Likewise, The Overview Hotel in Colorado boasts of over two hundred ‘opulent’ rooms, read the reviews however, and you’ll see that unless you are prepared to put up with loud noise, and can overlook the unkempt rooms this would not be the best hotel for you to spend your holiday in.

Spending your golden years in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel sounds like a dream retirement plan and while you may have a life changing experiences, you probably won’t be prepared for the run-down, crumbling hotel, over zealous owner/manager or rooms without basic facilities, such as doors.

Reading reviews can have a huge impact on the success or failure of a hotel, but they do give you the opportunity to make an informed decision whether to book a stay, and of course you will have the opportunity to write your own review to impart your good or bed experiences onto others.

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