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Why Startups Should Only Use Co-Working Spaces

Let’s face it, rent for any space is skyrocketing and it’s difficult to imagine affording office space in a premium location. Yet, startups can only thrive in basements or garages for so long. After a while, there needs to be a space for client meetings, calls, mail reception and more. Being cramped in a garage just doesn’t cut it after a few months or years. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer much longer nor will you have to be a multi-millionaire to have a location for work and meetings.

This is because co-working spaces are on the rise and for good reason. Plus, as technology becomes more advanced and skill sets widen, you’ll find the benefits of hiring remote workers. Today’s employees are enjoying the flexibility of working from home. Plus, working remotely gives more people the opportunity to work in any city, state or country of their preference. Yet, employees and C-level executives can only work alone for so long.

As a result, co-working spaces are quickly becoming the new normal for remote employees. It’s important to have another space to get things done and free yourself from the distractions at home. There are also a range of benefits you just can’t find in your living room or home office. Here is why startups should only use co-working spaces.

You actually feel as if you are in an office

There is something about going to an office that makes you want to roll up your sleeves and get to business. Sure, working in your pajamas has its benefits but so does getting dressed to go to work. Just the psychological effect of traveling somewhere puts you in the mood to get to work. Not to mention, a garage can’t compare to have a specific for work projects. Whether you have a team or only need a single desk at the moment, being in an office can go a long way in terms of productivity.

You make connections

Starting a business is all about networking. You can’t be a startup in a vacuum. You need to talk to people, spread the word, meet with clients and get feedback. A co-working space is more than just an area for storing your files. It’s also a place where you can meet other like-minded and motivated individuals who enjoy networking and working hard.

Remember when you worked for someone else and had an office best friend–someone to talk to and have lunch with? You can have that again at a co-working space. That is just one of the best perks of working with others. Many times, co-working spaces have formed new startups just by the people who work at the same location on a consistent basis. If you find mutual benefit in joining forces, why not? This is something which happens at Regus Australia weekly, which is part of the reason Australia is such a major tech hub in the South Pacific region.

Boost your productivity

There are many people who can work from home successfully. At the same time, there are many distractions. There’s the TV, the refrigerator, family members, pets and more. Even in a home office, these distractions can taunt you. With a co-working space, you tend to feel more motivated. The reason is you now have a dedicated space to get work done. You might even come up with several direct marketing strategies.

The other plus of a co-working space is you are not subjected to a tiny cubicle. Oh no, you finally have space and freedom. Moreover, who needs privacy when you’re surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs? Most co-working spaces have offices along with comfortable couches and plush chairs. You have a range of choices for where you want to plop your tools down to get some real work done.

They come with kitchens

A startup needs fuel to make things happen. Well, you don’t have to bring your cooler with you when you head to a co-working space. Many of them come with the basics such as microwaves, water coolers and refrigerators. Some even have more elegant features such as beer taps and coffee machines. This means you don’t have to go out to eat or head back home for a snack break or nice meal. With a beer tap, you can have happy hour at the office. Think of it this way, nothing makes networking more comfortable than a good beverage and tasty snacks.

It gives you hope

Isn’t hope what it’s all about? When you lose hope, you give up. At co-working spaces, you get to see other people who are also pursuing their dreams. They too are taking steps to lift themselves–and others–up. You might hear of success stories which give you hope to keep pressing forward. Staying at home doesn’t offer that. When you’re at home, you have to find every method of keeping yourself motivated besides simply making enough to pay the bills. At a co-working space, you see how others fare and the steps they are taking to achieve their goals. It is natural to feel encouraged to do the same and have hope that you are not alone.

Startups need networks and feedback to grow. The good news is you can find all of that and more at a co-working space.

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