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Roundme App Gets Major Update, Now Supports VR

In today’s virtual world, anyone can easily travel to any place in the world without leaving the comfort of their homes. This can be done using the multitude of softwares and services available, most of them for free, on the Internet.

But now this niche has a new service, which is actually generating some buzz. Roundme is an online app (with an iOS version as well), simple to use and with a great and clean design, that lets users create, share and explore “Spaces” – sets of panoramic images connected with each other. These “Spaces” are organized in “Portals”, which makes navigation much more easier.

Now, two months after securing an important investment of $3 million, Roundme is launching a new and updated version of the app, which will surely raise the interest on it. While most of those updates have to do with visual aspects, Roundme now supports Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, such as Google Cardboard – this satisfies one of the features that users requested most.

In order to understand how works, let’s think of an example. A certain user goes to Madam Tussauds museum and takes a panoramic photo somewhere in it. He would then go the app, find the Madam Tussauds musem Portal and upload his photo to it, making it freely available for everyone to see. Most of the pictures found on are taken by professionals, therefore guaranteeing a high quality standard.

The newly-implemented VR support will give users a whole new and more immersive experience, as they can explore Spaces in a more alive and responsive way. To achieve this, they only need to put their iPhones on landscape mode and put it into the headset. With VR,  all the beautiful content that is currently available on Roundme can now be taken to a whole new and exciting array of feelings, greatly improving the app’s potential.

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