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Top 5 Industries that ‘NEED’ Video Surveillance

With each passing day, we witness that the crime index is soaring new heights and correspondingly, the safety index is declining. The government has also realized this fact and is investing heavily in varied video surveillance technologies to put a control on ever increasing illicit incidents. The usage of said technology is not just limited to protecting people; its advantages are expanding and finding roads into new sectors.

Specific systems, rendering video surveillance have demonstrated their worth and significance for almost all types of industries. Be it, transportation, retail, banking institutions, government bodies, hotel, telecom, or construction; everyone is glad to get them. But for some industries, the surveillance systems have become ‘indispensable’. Here, we are penning down top five of these:

  1. Transportation

With millions of commuters using public transport on a daily basis, places like airports, train stations, subways are as an easy target for any criminal activity. The daily flux of people continually moving in and out of public transport is immense and so is the issue of their safety. The safety tips are many, but they are hard to apply because of such massive volume.

However, security systems have the potential to restrain mishaps to a great extent as they act as a visible dissuasion for wrongdoers. These gadgets do not only gather information about suspicious activities, but also worthwhile evidences in the case of any tragic incidents too.

IP security camera systems combined with face recognition methods can facilitate the search of an individual or group of individuals in a large crowd. These dedicated systems are capable enough to carry out a huge number of comparisons each second against a pre-compiled database of suspects.

  1. Government

All government organizations such as departments of justice, treasury, commerce, energy, development, official agencies, armed forces, and alike; are always on the lookout for better alternatives to protect and safeguard the interests of each citizen of their country. To achieve this goal and to carry out their daily endeavors in a better way, the government bodies can use complete surveillance systems as a customary tool.

For instance, technologies like biometric elements and HD IP security cameras are highly recommended for a wide gamut of applications including border control applications, monitoring public places, fortifying prisons and correctional facilities, minimizing daily threats, safeguarding files and assets, reducing liability, etc.

  1. Retail

There is a profuse amount of problems that retail establishments have to face each day. Some of these include employee theft, shoplifting, flash rob theft, organized retail crimes, just to begin with. The people who commit these infringements are most likely to repeat their acts. However, when retail businessmen have dedicated systems to look into the matter, then it becomes easy to identify the culprits and prevent such thefts in the future.

Another significant advantage of these gadgets could be gathering, and consequently analyzing the buying patterns of their existing customers in order to gain more profits. Facial marketing is one such method that can help you realize such patterns.

There are many more benefits attached to the installation of wireless cameras in retail sector. Some of them are remote viewing your store, monitoring crowds, improving productivity of employees, saving money from annual theft losses, keeping an eye on the cash registers and monetary transactions, etc.

  1. Finance

Customers expect that banks and other financial institutions would keep their hard-earned money and possessions safe. To live up to this expectation, banks need top-notch HD security camera systems to enhance the effectiveness of their existing protective standards. Besides the obvious advantage of shielding and guarding, the use of the best surveillance system also has twofold convenience.

First, video monitoring is an effective method to keep a track of people carrying out banking transactions like at ATM counters. This helps a lot in case of controversies and disputes.  Second, confidence of the customers gets escalated while investing in a bank that uses novel technologies to keep their money and assets secured.

Installing a dedicated monitoring system at the bank premises can automate and accelerate person identification processes, keep a check on the flux of the visitors, monitor resources and personnel at the workplace, and do much more. These days, video monitoring is one of the most readily accepted and least invasive technologies.

  1. Health Care

Even the health care departments like clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, private practices are prone to threats such as theft, liability suits, dishonest employees, inventory shrinkage, and vandalism. For instance, hundreds of visitors are continuously moving in and out of the hospitals around the clock; in such a scenario saving lives and keeping patients safe could be an exhausting task.

A security system not only keeps your doctors & staff safe, but patients too. From locating a derelict hospital room, preventing unauthorized entry, making staff more liable to solving legal issues, the camera system does it all! When you have sleepless eyes to monitor your pharmacies 24*7 then, guarding expensive medicines and machines also becomes a much easier task. Moreover, if you have health care units located in multiple places, then remote viewing and centrally managing them at single place using centralized video management software can really prove its worth.

After going through all the five points above, I am sure that anyone would indisputably arrive at a conclusion that video surveillance is capable enough to pay for itself in any industry or any work environment.


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Acknowledged for his security acumen, Ted Yu is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. Having 10 years of experience to his credit, Ted has always been a pertinent contributor towards the security industry with his area of expertise into the security systems domain. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.

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