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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Guest


The Evolution of Headphones [Infographic]

If there is one thing that we use every day that is nearly as common as the smart phone, I would say that it’s most likely headphones. The truth is that pretty much everybody in the cultured world uses headphones regularly. It can be the headphones for your iPhone or iPod or even your headphones at job to reply calls. Yeah, we use pretty much any type of headphones that make our listening experience a bit more private and relaxed. As always, when it comes to technology, there is a landslide of options to think when you are about to choose the headphones best suited for your requirements, and the only one who can firmly decide what would be considered best is you.

There is of course a history behind headphones that I don’t believe too many people know about. It’s not a complex one, but it could teach you the beginning of why headphones ever came to be. It comes from the people over at 1More UK, and it is a headphone timeline presented with some lightweight information about their story and technology.

The Evolution of Headphones

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