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Original Content – The Effect on Your SEO Score

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a series of strategic decisions around the text, images, and other content that you publish on your website. These decisions help to improve your businesses ranking on search engines. Unfortunately, unlike PPC you cannot buy your way into the first position on organic search results. To get into these top spots you need to put in the hard yards, through link building, on page work as well as publishing content. The publishing of relevant original content is very important in SEO, find out how to effectively improve your SEO through original content.


Write Original Content

When writing content anything you write must be 100% original. The content must be unique and not exist anywhere else on the web before you publish it on your website. Also after publishing it on your site it still cannot be posted elsewhere on the internet. It is important to avoid stealing content from others and repurposing it as your own. It can be hard to come up with unique content, or to know if your ideas are unique. To be sure you content is original, its good practice to search if an idea or topic for content you are creating before you start writing. This helps you know if it already exists somewhere before publishing. This will also help you to write your own angle or opinion on the topic to create unique content.

Results of Bad Content

When you do not write original content, there are three outcomes for you. First of all, your readers will not enjoy the content. If you simply copy and paste content from other websites without a care in the world. It will be of no benefit to you, or to your SEO rankings. Also, it will not attract readers as they will find your content repetitive and won’t bother to read it. Even if you think that you are skilled at pretending that the content is your own. There is no point pretending as Google bots will crawl the content, and know immediately that it already exists elsewhere. This plagiarizing of content will make your website rank lower in search results. It doesn’t end there if they think that your site contains a lot of content copied from another site Google will blacklist your website.


When creating content, it is important to consider SEO. Some people view SEO as something that is only done by scammers who want to reap all the benefits the internet with no regard for the readers. But when done right, SEO makes your content shine while helping improve the credibility and ranking of your website. Although you can study the basics of SEO online, it is a complicated process and takes time to get your head around. If you don’t have time it’s a good decision to leave it to the professionals! There is a vast array of companies such as Fabric Digital; they rank for keywords such as “SEO Auckland, SEO Company” and many more

Listen to Your Readers

A good way to create original content is to get suggestions your audience. Readers are paying a lot more attention to your content than you think. They notice when your content gets repetitive. You can ask them for suggestions on your next topic, or create polls to make them choose their favorite topic among a list of your next possible topics. Also, readers keep up with trends. They have time to read other websites and the news, so may have ideas on what is hot in your industry. Use your readers to gauge your next topic, then it will sure be a hit.

Get Real

Base your content on the things that you have experienced in your life, readers like it when there is a personal touch in your content. One way to humanize your content is by sharing a bit about you in a section such as an author bio, this lets readers feel like they know you, and shows you are a real person. It is also important to share examples to help people understand what you are talking about. These examples from your life not only help build trust between you and the reader. They also help to make your content original as chances are your experiences and examples are unique from that elsewhere on the net. This gives your content an edge and makes it easy to relate to for readers.

When you put the time into creating and posting original content, you will reap the rewards seeing your website creeping up the organic search results. When you reach the top of organic results you will receive an influx of leads. You will be the first company people see when they search your niche, product, or service. Your customers and other people will find your business easily, and you can convert more leads into new and loyal customers.

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