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Are Rooting And Jailbreaking The Same Thing

Root and jailbreak: is there a difference?

Rooting and jailbreaking – an average user of Internet hears these two words a lot. But few of us can tell the difference between these two. One thing is obvious – both rooting and jailbreaking are the procedures performed on modern gadgets.

When it comes to newest smartphones, many of them are super productive and efficient firstly. But sooner or later they become less effective. In fact, their productivity and battery life decrease. That’s the reason why many smartphone owners resort to rooting or jailbreaking their devices.

Though many people think root and jailbreak are the same, it’s not. Of course, these two concepts have something in common. But the difference between them has to be outlined, and at Safe Root, we know the difference. If you are the person who finds rooting and jailbreaking interchangeable, then this post will help understand the difference between these processes.

iOS Jailbreaking

As you may guess from the headline, the jailbreak is related to iOS devices. Jailbreaking is the procedure, which lies in breaking the limitations manufacturer has put on the device. In other words, the jailbreak is special access to the device’s settings. How is the jailbreak performed?

To jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you have to connect the device to the computer. Then you should install jailbreaking software on your computer. Following the instructions provided, you will jailbreak your Apple device promptly.

What are the benefits of jailbreak? The main reason why so many users jailbreak their devices is that it allows installing specialized apps. These are the apps, which cannot be installed easily. You can download such app, but it requires exclusive rights to start working. It won’t be launched without jailbreak.

Android Rooting

Rooting is the process performed on Android devices. Rooting grants user with the access to the whole Android operating system. This process is performed the same as jailbreaking: you connect your device to the laptop, download and install rooting software and get the root on your device adhering to step-by-step instructions.

Rooting and jailbreaking are similar. They are performed with one aim – to get unlimited control over your phone. But jailbreak doesn’t bring as many benefits as rooting.

The thing is, Android operating system is more open than iOS. Once performed a jailbreak, the user can examine the system from the inside and make modifications in the hidden settings.

Rooting unlocks the real potential of Android devices. Root access not only allows you to install new special apps. With root, you can change every single detail of the system. If you have some technical skills, you may apply them and alter the primary settings. You are able to customize the design, “freeze” unimportant apps and increase the battery life.

Is it risky to root or jailbreak your device?

Rooting and jailbreaking means intruding into the system of your phone. The manufacturer prohibits such access for users. It is done in order to keep the system protected against harmful changes. Thus, we can state that root and jailbreak cause risks.

Any system modifications can void the warranty of your device. Once you do the changes on your own, it means that you break the security limits the manufacturer has set. From that moment you are responsible for your further actions considering your device.

There is another issue rooting, and jailbreak can arise. If you perform the process not the right way, you may change some settings forever. In fact, you may break down the whole operating system.

Of course, sometimes you just cannot anticipate what will happen next. But if you arm yourself with knowledge and profound skills, you will perform the rooting or jailbreak correctly and eliminate all the risks.

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