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PokemonGo: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

PokemonGo is the latest rage these days, but what exactly is PokemonGo?

Yes, it is a game but it is more than just a game.


The good

It gets people and kids up and exercising. It takes them to local places to explore history, art, and more.

Of course the exercise and checking out local sites on history, art, and more sound real good so what is the downside? The users are too busy watching for Pokemon to catch to actually see any of the real history, art, or other things that they could enjoy and learn something from.

The bad

Many may not think of these as bad.

  • It only plays on the newest phones (smartphones and iOS) which mean if you own an older one you can’t play until you upgrade your phone.
  • It will work with wearables again only the newest if you have an older one you will need to upgrade.
  • The game will not play in the background which means when you play you have to have the game open on your phone and watch the screen find the Pokemon and catch them.

Why is that bad? Well, there is the cost. Especially for parents who have no idea what the game is. For me, it is the fact that our kids and young adults are becoming even more glued to their phones and technology and essentially missing out on life around them.

The ugly

The ugly is the fact that too many people have their head stuck in a game, missing life altogether and what is going on around them. Instead of making friends in real life they are making online friends that they have never actually met and have no idea who these people really are.

The fact that they have their eyes glued to a phone screen not watching traffic but instead looking for Pokemon and do not see the car coming down the street they step out in front of, or the lake they walk into, or the construction hole the fall in.

Yes, I know I sound like a negative Nelly and you’re thinking I sound like an alarmist but someone needs to remind people that technology alone will not save you. You have to pay attention and use some common sense as well if you wish to survive instead of ending up dead because of well let’s face it stupidity.

I know that sounds harsh so I apologize to anyone I offend but sometimes you have to slap people to get their attention. If I have offended you then start reading again from the beginning with the frame of mind “what is this person really saying”.

Six tips for playing PokemonGo

Here are 10 things you should know before you start playing PokemonGo.

  1. Customize your trainer (avatar) with deliberation do not rush through it. The outfit, hair color, gender is what you are stuck with for the rest of the game. There is no changing it once you have chosen except to start a new account and start all over. If you have already caught a bunch of Pokemon they will not go with you when you start over, you literally start over with nothing.
  2. Choosing a team does not happen till you hit level 5. When you are able to choose a team then you can participate in battles to defend your gym or try to capture a rival gym.
  3. You can only do battle at your team’s local gym.
  4. You must catch them all it is the only way to level up. Catching multiple copies of the same Pokemon to trade for stardust. The thing to watch for when trading is; once the trade is made you can’t get Pokemon back so do NOT trade the wrong Pokemon.
  5. Spare battery required. Not really but it is a good idea should your battery run low during a battle or catching a Pokemon that could be really bad for you. OR your battery could be low and you actually need to make an important call… imagine that!
  6. For easier catches press and hold when you go to catch. This is so that the ring around the ball you are about to throw shrinks. You want it medium to small when you throw for better points.


So there you have it, the good the bad the ugly and 6 tips to get you started on your PokemonGo way.


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Michael Harred is a writer, who contributes to the national Florida Review and the university magazine Cypress Dome. He also writes for Lord of Papers. To find more about Michael – check his Twitter.

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