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This is how you can take captivating selfies from your smartphone

Taking impeccable selfies is an art in itself! You might be struggling to find the right one from among hundreds of pictures that you might take on any given event. Truth be told, who doesn’t love to take amazing selfies and then share it on social media? The only problem- how to take a perfect selfie? Here are some tips that will be immensely helpful for taking a good selfie.

Win the Lighting Game

While this might soon obvious, you simply cannot undermine the importance of good lighting. Be it natural or artificial lighting, it is a must! Always make sure you face the source of light so that it can give the necessary exposure. It is the best beauty product which you would not have to pay for. You would notice how easily the undereye circles and shadows become unnoticeable when the lighting is good. As a pro tip, always go for natural light over artificial for those amazing sunkissed selfies. You wouldn’t have to use any filters.

Know When You Should Use Flash

What about when it is dark? Flash to the rescue! Whether you are pub hopping with your friends or trying to capture the pout in your pajamas while binge-watch Netflix, selfies are a must! Just turn on Snapchat! It has a flash feature for the front camera which your regular iPhone wouldn’t have. That being said, it is important to get your phone checked for any defects. iphone repair Melbourne can help you optimize your camera so you can take stunning selfies. When you use Snapchat, the phone will automatically burst light on your face. However, it will have a light blue tone to it which you can then tweak using editing apps.

Smile for Real!

You won’t really get a good snap unless you work on those expressions. And what can be more attractive than a perfect smile? No need to force it, just sport a natural smile. Experts also suggest that if you want to click a serious picture then simply smile with the eyes. Practice in front of the mirror before you take the picture.

Take a lot of Photos

You are certainly not going to get the perfect snap at the first go. Kylie Jenner says that she takes at least 500 photos of her before finally posting one! Interesting, isn’t it? Try to tilt your head and experiment with different angles until you get it right! Give as many variations as you can so that you can select the perfect picture. Pro tip, focus the camera correctly before clicking away! Experts also suggest making a video of you posing for the selfie. You can try out a variety of poses and shoot the video for a couple of minutes. Once done, you can pause it and then freeze the picture you loved the most. The final snap will be just as good and no one can even tell the difference!

Do not Overedit

Have you been facing issues with clicking pictures? Your camera might need to be checked. It is best to consult Apple repairs Melbourne to get the issues fixed. Before you post any photo, ensure that the picture is edited just as much. Do not go overboard with the editing as it can actually make your picture look weird.

Experiment Different Angles

Experts like Kim Kardashian suggest taking pictures with chin down and the camera up! People rarely look good when their pictures are taken from under the chin. You can also use a selfie stick to get the angle right. The best part about this trick is that everyone looks like a supermodel! Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. Additionally, don’t always look right into the camera. Turn to the side slightly, not in a way to showcase your right or left profile but just a little bit.

Taking pictures put a lot of strain on your device, but with these cool hacks, you can prevent unusual glitches.

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