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Cool High Tech Gadgets to Give Your Home a Futuristic Look

Modern high tech devices are rapidly becoming a part of our daily life and just like it started with the mobile phone years ago – now we get addicted to more and more gadgets and devices of all possible varieties and functions!


As the technologies go up – the devices we love so much – develop almost immediately. The times when it took scientists and physicists many years to make one single improvement – are far behind. Now the same improvements take a few months or even weeks to become alive – and if you are a technology fan you probably know that if you see something in a geek-magazine today – tomorrow it is reality.

Of course, almost all the innovations appear due to the harsh necessity of mankind to solve different problems. But sometimes the elementary laziness stands behind the most outstanding innovations. Let us see what we got today in our chart and how useful these things are.

  1. What we were REALLY surprised of – is the printer for clothes! We are still not sure why would somebody NEED this – but home clothes printing device is already on the top of our chart. The idea is simple – you put a white t-shirt  – and get different patterns or just another color when it comes out from the other side. Cool huh?
  2. We couldn’t walk by the eco-technologies, and this is why the second place is given to Bio Tank – or how the inventor Akifusa Nakazawa calls it himself –  Fishwasher. You purchase the strange and funny looking robotic fish – which is primarily designed for washing the dishes for you. But not only! This Bio Tank also shreds and grimes the leftovers and turn them… into BIO FUEL! Just imagine the scale of the green innovation here! By the way – you don’t need to replace the dirty water. Well, mr. Scientist – is that true?!
  3. Another thing that knocked me down was a DRUM washing machine! So now you can literally share your washing facility with others. The point is – now a washing machine is some sort of extractable device, which you can remove from its place and…TAKE IT HOME or elsewhere! Saying nothing of the enlarged laundry basked. Can you believe this? And guess what – a washing machine reminds now a spare tire in the back of your Wrangler. Imagined?
  4. The next things is pretty hard to explain – so you better google it right away. It is called The Mystica Desk. Nothing really special – but the futuristic design just takes your breath aways. Literally. And yeah – it is just a table. But you just LOOK at it!
  5. The last but not the least – smart refrigerators. I hear some people said the word «yesterday» ? Well, I thought of that too – until I saw THIS one! The Smart Touch model speaks for itself. It’s not about the Internet connection, no no. This fridge KNOWS who opens the door! Not to say about the tagged food inside. The future is now, friends!


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