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Top Tips on How Emotional Marketing Makes You Connect to Your Customers

As simple as it may look, emotions is one of the key elements that customers depend on so that they can trust your product and always be out to purchase it.  Emotions are what drives people on the actions they take. In order for your business to perform better, it is not about how low you will price your products or how you will package them; it is about how you make a customer feel while he or she uses the product.

Ever tried giving attention to a customer who wants to know more about your product? Showing a customer that you are interested in what he or she is saying can make an undecided mind, decided and settle on your product because of the engagement that you make. Say what you have to say about your products but always remember to say it in the right way. That’s all that the customers’ need. What turns your business into a loyalty brand, is the way you take care of the emotions of the customers.


Most products perform the same duties but what will make you to select one brand over another could range from familiarity with the product, trust in the product or a recommendation by someone that you trust. Just like Laura Jonson, a known creative writer of leading the USA writing service, ScholarAdvisor urges people to concentrate on trust and quality.

Looking at a product such as toothpaste, which we all make use of, offers similar benefits from the different manufacturers. Its core aim is to clean our teeth and help them remain bright. This product is made from similar ingredients by the different manufactures but there is always that one major reason which makes one to choose one product over the other. All these different toothpaste producers market their products to the same target customers but how you will engage with the audience will determine if they can trust in your product.

Want to produce a product that people will turn into a brand and trust? While you will have to take care of features such as pricing and packaging, you will need to consider the emotional benefits of the product to the market quite well. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you can make your small business to grow by taking care of your customers’ emotions. This can be achieved through:

  • Listening to your customers
  • Responding to their feedback as soon as possible
  • Nurturing existing relationships with your customers
  • Fostering new relationships with new customers.

The secret of business growth is creating a good rapport with your clients, engaging in their conversations and this will make them win your trust.

The more you understand and know your customers, the better you will be placed when creating a product for your market. You can only know your customers through engaging with them, especially at an emotional level. The following are ways in which you can engage with your customers:

  1. Speak directly to the target customer

Melanie Altarescu explains on how brands are making use of social media channels to inform the audience. After making use of social channels such as twitter and facebook, ensure that you speak to individuals who are your buyer persona. In business always remember the saying “Appeal to masses but speak to individuals”.

Speaking to individuals ensures that you directly get the customers feedback concerning your services and products. This in return enables you to act on this feedback. One-on-one conversation with a customer also makes them feel important.

  1. Create valuable and unique insights that do not come from your competitors

Some clients are adventurous and are always out to put that one new product in the market in their shopping basket. If the product is of high quality and unique, be assured that you will win this customer and will always come back for more of your products. The beauty of winning new clients is that they have seen the benefits of the products and no one can convenience them otherwise. Such customers will go and tell their friends and family about your product, and since this information is coming from a trustworthy person, they will come too for the product. The chain of creating awareness about your product through word of mouth will continue.

  1. Use compassion, humor and empathy

The power of emotions in business can make you go places. If all it takes for a customer to get to purchase your product is a smile, make that customer smile. Make jokes that the audience will understand and they will see the humor and will get interested in what you are saying and thus will learn more about your products and services.

Take the step of involving your organization in voluntary work that will be of benefit to the community and this will make them feel you are part of them.

  1. Ask your audience the right questions

Engage your audience in a healthy debate by asking them about the experiences they have with your products, your company or services. The question and answer session is important as it helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses. This helps to improve or know where to diversify in your product.


You can constantly recall an experience with a corresponding emotion. It is important to uncover the benefits of an emotion to a client as the client will feel cared for and thus will have trust in your brand. For a company to be able to meet the audience emotional demand, Sophie Kelly, urges companies to ensure that every person contribute their own opinions and ideas in projects and ensuring there is the right talent as well.

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