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Navigation Made Easy: What to Look for in a New GPS

Many new vehicles come with GPS navigation built in. But, many people need their own aftermarket solution. If you like to have control over your GPS, and want your own solution, here’s what you should look for in a GPS solution.

Some Considerations Before You Begin

Before you rush out and buy anything, make sure you understand what features you need. Do you want just GPS, or do you also need DVD video playback and satellite radio streaming? Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and playlist creation are also features that come on some GPS systems.

The navigation tools should be reliable and easy to use, and you probably want voice cues and a touchscreen display. The brightness of the screen is also important for being able to read in daylight without too much glare.

Size is another important factor. Systems are typically either DIN or double DIN. Single DIN systems measure anywhere from 6.5 to 7 inches. Double DIN screens are 6.5 and are usually about the height of two car receivers. Aftermarket systems are also customizable, so you can install peripherals like a backup camera or in-trunk or in-dash CD or DVD player.

The Kenwood DNX7160

If you own a Jeep Cherokee, the Kenwood DNX7160 is a good choice. It uses Garmin GPS technology, but the satellite and HD radio don’t come built in. The unit is highly rated by many experts and review sites, with Bestcovery and CarAudioNow editors giving it a perfect 5-star rating.

The unit has many features, like split screen so you can view both the map and music controls at the same time. The GPS displays the maximum speed limit in a particular area and uses GM TMC Traffic receiver, which will broadcast over FM Radio Data System. This is basically a traffic reporting and monitoring system. Since it updates in near-real time, you get updated traffic reports which will help keep you from getting into a traffic jam on the way to work, or on a long car trip.

Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT

CNET gives the Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT 4 out of 5 stars. It’s has an easy-to-use interface using Tele Atlas map database, containing over 12 million points of interest. You can find them all by typing in the name of a place. Even if you don’t know the exact address, you can (usually) still find it.

The unit has a 7-inch screen, which is one of the largest in the aftermarket world.

Sony XNV-770BT

The Sony XNV-770BT is one of the best and highest-ranking in-dash navigation systems on the market. The 7-inch screen is generous, and users will appreciate the easy navigation features and touchscreen. The has integrated navigation from TomTom, and a Tele Atlas map database, with 6 million POI, which allows users to search for places without an address. There’s a voice guidance system onbaord for turn-by turn navigation, too. In addition to the standard GPS features, the unit can play DVDs, CDs, and MP3s and has Bluetooth capabilities.


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