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High-Tech Gadgets That Transform Your Phone Into A Card Reader

Smartphones are already technological marvels by themselves, but who could have predicted that mobile devices will eventually be used beyond call functions and online browsing?

These days, paying with your smartphone has become a norm. On top of this, business owners have started shifting to mobile technology to accept payments as well. One of the most popular methods to receive payments using a smartphone is by using a mobile card reader.

Users of this kind of device have found the device convenient and cost-saving. Aside from using your existing smartphone, you also don’t have to purchase a bulky and expensive credit card reader to accept payments. On top of that, you can swipe the card wirelessly without having the need to stay inside your physical store.


An e-commerce website should have several payment options, and one way of providing this feature is to get a mobile swipe reader or a similar device to allow your phone to accept payments. Here are some of the best high-tech gadgets that will turn your mobile phone into an instant card reader:

Square Register

One popular way to allow any smartphone to accept payments is through a phone-compatible credit card reader. Square Register is one of the popular brands in this field, and it works so well because it opts for a flat rate per month instead of fees incurred per transaction. This unique payment scheme “is good news for those of you who make large payments on a regular basis,” according to Hongkiat.

This card reader is compatible to Apple and Android devices. Simply connect the Square magstripe reader to your phone, and you’re good to go.

PayPal Here

The online payment giant has also joined the mobile card reader industry through PayPal Here, which accepts credit card payments and sends the funds directly to your PayPal account. One benefit of this product is that you don’t have to use a separate app to process payments. If you have an existing PayPal account, this product will work best for you.


With a free credit card reader and mobile app for signing up, PayAnywhere aims to make mobile credit card payments convenient for both store owner and product buyer. The device runs in practically any mobile operating system, and will send payment funds to your own bank account not later than two days.


If you’re looking for an ultra-secure mobile card reader, then this may be the product that’s perfect for you. Payleven features a chip-and-PIN device that requires authentication before payment transactions are authorized. Security is a basic requirement of a successful e-commerce store, and having a secure device like this can put any business owner at ease.

Intuit GoPayment

Businesses that accept payments from multiple mobile phones may find a solution in Intuit GoPayment. The system allows your account to accept payments from up to 50 mobile phones hooked up to the card reader device. With a two-day fund transfer to your bank account and the ability to issue full refunds, Intuit GoPayment makes it easy for store owners to make customized financial transactions.


Some recent technologies are also looking beyond mobile phones in accepting payments. For instance, MasterCard is searching for gadget companies willing to partner with them to incorporate wireless payment technologies and make payments more convenient.

Whatever your desired credit card reader is, make sure that it’s compatible to your phone. You also need to check whether the functionality of the device will work with your usual business routine instead of being a disturbance.

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