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4 Things That Content Managers Must Know Before Pitching to a Client

Content marketing is one of the best ways to market a business today. It has been around for a long time, since the 1800’s actually, when “The Furrow” magazine for farmers was published in 1895 by John Deere, which is still relevant to this day even after a century.  It’s estimated that in 1912, the magazine’s peak circulation was more than 4 million readers, which only further advocates the power of content.

However, in today’s age, content creators often face tremendous struggle to create enticing, relevant and profitable content that would forward the company’s business agendas and create a loyal fan following as well. Being in the content marketing business myself since almost a decade I regularly come across clients and marketers for work and otherwise, who have a lot of misconceptions and confusions about the use of content and the role and effectiveness of content marketing. They are often oblivious about what content marketers really do and why.

In such situations, not only do content creators need to have the expertise and in-depth up to date understanding of their work but they need to be able to make their clients understand it. It’s important that content creation managers know these and are able to relay it to their clients


  1. Content Marketing is not a one hit wonder tactic. Many non-marketing executives have a lack of understanding about how marketing through content works. They believe that content marketing is like a flow chart where one step follows the next until it all ends, however, the correct way to see it is that it’s a circling, never ending flow chart that needs to be always running to reap benefits. Just like any other form of advertising.
    Successful content marketing is a continuous effort that requires ingenuity and dedication. Churning out a couple of posts or videos on a weekly basis is not going to just translate into revenue right away as this marketing style works on building up an audience base. Unlike what business owners expect, content marketing is isn’t something you do once and then be done with.
    Content marketing is actually a long term route but it can create loyal and long lasting readers and customers if done right, which is why it is an awesome tool for companies to employ.
  2. Command over technology greatly helps. Technology and tools which have been created in the past years have revolutionized the way we work, whatever that work may be. Similarly for content creation, and marketing of it, there are some great tools that noticeably up the content game.
    Be it keyword search and selection, for which there is ubersuggest or be it the struggle for inspiration, which can be sought at Feedly or Content Gem e.g, there are endless tools that content managers can highly benefit from.
    There are even apps like FocusWriter that help writers keep distractions of all sorts at bay and increase the productivity. Once the content is created it needs to be optimized through SEO and properly marketed for which tools like Headline Analyzer and Scribe Content can be used. The bottom line with content is that the more technologically eager a content manager will be, the more successful work he’ll be able to curate.
  3. It’s not just about advertising. Many content managers and marketing heads focus a lot on using content to forward branding causes like creating awareness of the brand and making it stand out amongst the competition.
    Content developers work with the marketing teams often to do that. However many times they forget that content is equally about providing solutions and value to the readers.
    A company’s customer’s service department is actually one the best places to go to find ideas for content that is bound to resonate, as they work 24/7 with your customers and they understand their mentality and needs. Instead of being promotional, content must be wide in its approach where all the expertise of various kinds available at the company is employed to generate insights, each of which can become interesting blog write-ups, videos or infographics.
  4. Good content doesn’t die. A company may go through many different changes when it comes to their business plans and even their products but hi- quality, audience-oriented content is an asset of theirs that will always be a proof of their worth. This in itself is a good enough reason and a very valid point that content creators need to convey to those who are confused about investing in content.
    The face of the internet is always evolving and the landscape of web development will also keep changing as interfaces change and the tools that our favorite’s devices and applications provide become obsolete, but when it comes to good quality content, it doesn’t die out.

These tips are some valid ideas that content managers need to be aware of and convey to their clients so that a better understanding of content is there before any content endeavor takes place.


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