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Taking TV to a Higher Level

How TV has Changed the World Over Time

Arguably, the 20th century’s greatest as well as most influential invention was the TV, which started with humble beginnings but met with some skepticism. On the other hand, since its inception, approximately 75 years ago, the world has been captivated. After the introduction of TV, the sets were large equipment with screens measuring about 12 inches. Over decades, TV’s have played a major role with regards to passing information and entertainment. People who had a chance to watch the TV in the 1930s still remember the news reports and the boxing matches they viewed. In the 1940s, the TV played a key role in informing viewers of the WWII. By the end of the 1950s, a 21 inch black & white TV set went for $200 while a color one was about $500. Space travel news reports were popular in TV during the 1960s.


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Television accessories started growing in the 1980’s, for instance, the VCR. There was a significant cable boom in the same decade too. The internet made a great contribution towards the growth of TV in the 1990s when PCs became available. The 2000s came with the DVD players. Plasma and LCD technology saw to the production of better picture and huge screen sizes. Later in 2009, TV went to digital.

TV Goes Online

With the high-speed internet, digital recording and video streaming have entered the scene. Most people are posting their preferred programs as well as commercials online. This is even happening with the absence of broadcasters’ permissions. As a result, there are a lot of networks availing their programs online.

Taking TV to a higher Level

The TV has been a great source of information and entertainment. Individuals love its content. With advancement in technology, people no longer like the linear TV experience. This is because it transmits programs at specific times and they have to be viewed on immovable screens. This means that you have to be at home at a particular time to watch your preferable show. Most people have come to realize the disadvantages of linear TV: it makes people lazy since they have to sit on the couch watching shows for hours. As a result, they consume junk foods, which affect their health. Kids fail to do their homework too. The introduction of Internet TV serves a solution of such problems.

Internet TV

The leading linear TV networks in the world today are airing their programming on demand via apps, which run on personal computers, smart TVs as well as phones. Such applications include BBC iPlayer. HBO Now, and CBS All Access among others. They make it possible for catch-up viewing and binge viewing. Current linear networks which provide persuasive Internet TV Apps are going to create more viewing hence becoming a lot valuable and popular in the future. On the other hand, TV networks which cannot come up with first-class Internet TV Apps are eventually going to lose viewing as well as revenues in the cut-throat competition.

Why Internet TV is Expanding so fast

  • Convenience – as a consumer, you don’t need to at home at a particular time to watch your favorite program. You can watch programs on demand, using the screen of your choosing, at any place you like, and the experience is personalized for your specific taste.
  • The growth of Ecosystem – most people can now access the high-speed internet through the broadband which is proving to be quite reliable
  • Quick Innovation – there are often improvements and updates done on Internet TV Apps. In addition, streaming happens to be the key source for UHD 4K video content.
  • Providers – internet service providers are offering cheap bundle services, including TV, internet, mobile

In the near future, satellite television subscriber is going to be minimal as well as rural. not only that, broadband availability will also eliminate satellite TV subscription in the rural regions. Just like the fixed-line paved way for mobile phones, Linear TV is going to be viewed as a transitional technology which paved the way for Internet TV.


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75 years ago when the TV was introduced, there were a lot of doubts. Lots of people doubted if the TV could change their view of the world. Now that Internet TV is taking over, watching TV has become more enjoyable and convenient. people can now watch TV while traveling or working hence it doesn’t have to hinder you from carrying out other important tasks. Now, individuals are more than ever attached to their computers and cell phones watching their favorite programs online. Manufacturers, producers, and broadcasters, on the other hand, are continually looking for new ways to bring huge entertainment to your small screen.

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