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The Facts Behind Electronic Cigarettes

As measures to encourage people to stop smoking are put in place, an increasing amount of smokers are turning to vaping in order to soothe their nicotine cravings. However, one must ere on the side of caution when choosing the right e-cigarette because as is the case with many electronic devices user experience is key when it comes to the user repeating the experience; so manufacturers everything resides in trying to get the user hooked to their electronic cigarette.

It is also important to be aware of a few facts when considering whether to switch to vaping in order to make the most of the device.

  1. Regularly clean your clearomizer or atomizer and replace when necessary
    The clearomizer or atomizer is the part of the e-cigarette that turns the e-liquid in to vapour. If it is not cleaned regularly, the vaping experience will be less than satisfactory, the vaper will feel a burning sensation in the back of their throat. What’s more the clearomizer or atomizer is quite an easy part to clean; unscrew the part from the tank, empty of what remains of the e-liquid out of the tank, drip feed water into the atomizer, blow on it to get rid of any excess water and dry it with a piece of kitchen towel.
    After a while though it may be necessary to replace the atomizer and/or the tank in order to do so, repeat the same process as when cleaning the part but fit the new atomizer instead. If this part of the electronic cigarette does indeed need replacing, it is advisable to shop around in order to find the atomizer that is most suitable.
    It is also worth mentioning that parts made by manufacturers such as Kangertech or Smok often work better than clones, they are more reliable and are often covered by a manufacturer warranty if they are not suitable for use.
  2. E-cigarettes are definitely less harmful than traditional cigarettes
    Most of the harmful substances such as tar, which is the main culprit when it comes to causing respiratory diseases and lung problems cannot be found in e-cigs; the reason for that being that they do not contain any tobacco. However, they do contain nicotine and that is why electronic cigarettes are considered a good alternative to so-called traditional cigarettes.
    However, the chemicals used to make the e-liquids or vaping-juices as they are also known contain sweeteners which are also used in the food industry. Whilst these may not appear harmful, ingesting them in large quantities can be. This means it is important to choose the right vaping gear; make sure the atomiser isn’t too powerful and that the e-liquid has the right amount of nicotine. Those who used to be heavy smokers generally prefer stronger e-liquids to those used by vapers who used to be less-accustomed to traditional cigarettes.
  3. You cannot use your electronic cigarette anywhere you want
    Contrary to popular belief, an electronic cigarette cannot be used absolutely anywhere, there are places in which they are forbidden. For example, it is generally forbidden to vape on public transport with many bus companies such as Arriva displaying the fact very clearly on board their vehicles.
    Other places in which it is either forbidden or not advised to vape include, hospitals, schools, trains (though until July 2015 passengers travelling on trains operated by Southern were still allowed to vape on board), planes, stadiums and the list goes on…
    In fact it is generally not advisable to vape inside public places, even though electronic cigarette don’t do as much harm to the vaper’s health as traditional cigarettes, it is important to consider other peoples’ comfort and the e-cig may well be confused for a “normal” cigarette. That said, the use of an electronic cigarette may be acceptable in some clubs, pubs and restaurants, so it is always worth checking if the place you are about to enter allows vaping.

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