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How to Correct Email Marketing Failures

Making use of the widely available digital platform of email marketing to reach your customers is a tool that is known to be the most successful in internet marketing. If email marketing is planned and executed correctly, it is highly effective. Every company is different in planning and strategizing email marketing campaigns according to their own specific branding needs. It is common to purchase information about your target audience or customers through numerous sources of online databases. These include widely available business lists in Australia such as email list brokers. One such database provider is Impact Lists.

However, even with the availability of all these informative databases and sources, marketers still manage to fail at executing email marketing campaigns effectively.

  1. Not planning out the mail marketing campaign – Every campaign must be planned out extensively first and then deployed. Many a time’s marketers these days ignore the planning phase and go straight into execution. Planning draws out a way forward for marketers. It gives them a point of focus. Emails require extensive planning because targeting your customers and planning way ahead of time when and which season to draw out these emails to your customers is an entirely separate technique on its own.
  2. Using unprofessional and irrelevant messages in the emails – Some marketers tend to beat around the bush and drift away from the original message that was initially intended to be sent to your customers. Ensure that you keep your email messages highly professional. Using inappropriate language or becoming highly informal will lead to customers disrespecting, if anything, your brand image.
    Do not bombard your customers with specifications, technicalities and upcoming features of your products or services. Try to stick to your campaign and engage your customers in the current campaign. Also, do not skip grammar and punctuation check, especially the spell check! Marketers often tend to be ignorant about using the spell check on written content. However, it is one of the first and foremost tool that builds a certain image of your brand in the eyes of your customers.
  3. Not keeping track of your campaign – Tracking your campaign performance metrics are absolutely critical once the email marketing campaign has been deployed in full flow. Marketers forget about tracking the progress of their campaigns once the emails have been sent out. Following up with customers and the progress of the campaign is just as important as targeting the customers in the first place.
  4. Sending ill-defined emails to customers – One of the biggest failures of an email marketing campaign is that marketers, besides drafting out a complete email message with visuals and content, often neglect the most important element – Defining the message. What is the email about? What is the purpose of sending your email at this particular time in the year to your customers? What do you want the customers to expect? Defining a clear cut marketing campaign will ease your way through the email marketing campaign making it all the more effective.
  5. Not personalizing – Many marketers often fail to capture the interest of their readers usually because they fail to personalize the emails. A customer would want to read something directly addressed to him or her rather than a standard message addressed to thin air. Make the customer feel that there is value in opening that email. Invaluable emails are just as bad as inactive customers. They are what instigate the inactiveness at initial levels. Why would anyone read your email if there is no value for them in the message?

Instead of trying to start a new campaign from scratch, marketers should try to recapture the interest of their existing customers from the very beginning of their campaign. Follow the above mentioned tips to spark interest within your existing customers and see a rise in your business!


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